Eurogamer: BioShock Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Is BioShock on PS3 the first example of a developer showing off the downloadable content before we get to see the game? The PS3 version's Challenge Rooms - announced and demonstrated to the press at E3 in July - were our first chance to see 2K's blockbusting underwater mind-bender in action on Sony hardware. The Ferris Wheel level, where players have to rescue a Little Sister by picking through the crumbling environment for electricity to transfer to a control panel, is a neat example of what 2K hopes to do to extend the game's appeal once the credits have rolled, but, shorn of the arguably vital context of the single-player game, it's a peculiar introduction. The assumption was that everyone has played BioShock.

Which is an odd position to adopt for a publisher, 2K Games, prepared to deploy four - that's four - separate development teams to bring this long overdue port to its new home. Perhaps, in hindsight, it's also enough to infer the Challenge Rooms will end up on other formats in the future. After all, if you're a publisher fighting off a takeover bid, you probably want to maximise the potential of the things you do."

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Rick Astley4315d ago

Nice preview. If only Eurogamer can write all of their hands-on impressions in an unbiased way like they did here. Maybe more people would give a sh*t about what they have to say.

Beg For Mercy4315d ago

really great preview i really enjoyed it, now i think im gonna get the game for my ps3 now, its gonna be fun trophy hunting in this game