Guerrilla Boss: Horizon a Huge Technical Accomplishment, It's 4X as Complex & Huge as Any Killzone

Guerrilla's Hermen Hulst stated that Horizon: Zero Dawn is a huge technical accomplishment between how detailed and how vast the world is. It also ahs four times as many features as any Killzone game so far.

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badz1492326d ago

exactly. can't wait for this. but still, I hope they won't abandon KZ totally. I'm still waiting for an FPS as amazing as KZ2 from them!

AuraAbjure2326d ago

That game was crazy. The way enemies reacted depending on how they got hit was so immersive

nix2326d ago

KZ2 was awesome. This game and Spiderman has really got my full attention.

Kaneki-Ken2326d ago

Their sister studio Cambridge is taking over Killzone series. Cambridge already prove enough they can handle the series since they made Killzone Mercenary

Salooh2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

When i imagine killzone sequel it's brutal , dark atmosphere and very detailed. We need something like that.

Gameplay is hard to explain KZ2 was a great and unique step at the time. I want the same impact if not more.

Here is an idea, why not go big like battlefield?. Killzone is compatible with this concept, infact that's what i loved about killzone 2.

miyamoto2326d ago

So many awesomely promising games coming:
Horizon ZD
Gravity Rush 2
Persona 5
The Last Guardian
Nier Automata
Dragon Quest Builders
God of War 4
Gran Turismo Sport

I am pretty much set as a gamer.

badz1492326d ago

great to see KZ2 love among fellow gamers here. the game was simply amazing. yeah, Cambridge took over and delivered with the best handheld FPS in Mercenary but I still hold KZ2 very highly in my heart as one of the best FPS I ever played.

but for now, Horizon is looking like another sure hit

Aceman182326d ago

KZ2 is one of my favorites of all time, and that Colonel Radec fight made me want to break my controller 😂😂

Absolutely love that game, and I know I'll love Horizon ZD.

freshslicepizza2326d ago

Game looks great but I want to see how well it performs on the regular PS 4 compared to the Pro

Majister-Ludi2326d ago

You should try any shooter ever if killzone blew you away with its many shades of brown and broken controls. I'm sorry that was rude enjoy fisher prices my first shooter.

UltraNova2325d ago

KZ2, Black, Battlefield2 BC and Half Life 2 are my all time favourite FPS. KZ2 is clearly at the top of my list in terms of gameplay feeling. Its just my cup of tea.

No wonder its the only game I want to be remastered.

As for Horizon, what can I say? I have pre-ordered 2 games my entire life; Dark Souls 3 and Horizon, nough said.

Alexander1Nevermind2325d ago

K2 multiplayer was so ahead of its time with its graphics, the ever changing objectives and 16vs 16 action. Hard to duplicate how good it was. One of my favorite shooters. Oh and that satisfying chirp when you got a kill in mp.

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Repjaws2326d ago

C2,I've finally found you.

Bansai2325d ago

man, I feel like such a nerd for laughing to this.

miyamoto2326d ago

Shaping up to be the greatest RPG of all time.

KaiPow2326d ago

The gameplay videos haven't failed to impress me yet.

Garethvk2326d ago

It was fun but needed polish. Aiming and combat mechanics were off, but the world was vast.,

Majin-vegeta2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

How exactly wete they off?

@Aurenar thats what strukes me ass odd.Ive read every preview to date about this game and have never seen anyone complain about the gameplay/controls but instead praising that its fast and fluidother than him

Aurenar2326d ago

I think it's just that he was getting to grip with the controls...I doubt Guerrilla would make a mistake with combat mechanics since they're used to doing ranged combat with Killzone.

G20WLY2326d ago

It would really help if he'd just explain why, rather than just spamming Horizon articles with that same old nonsense. Literally nobody else that's played it has said that.

rainslacker2326d ago

It's really hard to tell just by watching, but nothing about what I've seen since the first reveal made it look like aiming or combat mechanics were "off". Seemed pretty tight to me in fact, and the E3 game play was very fluid, particularly in combat.

nevin12326d ago

"It also ahs four times as many features as any Killzone game so far."

What does that really mean?

Majin-vegeta2326d ago

I believe it should be "Has" 😂

OB1Biker2326d ago

Not being a smart 'ahs'. I'm not sure what they mean with 'many features'.

Muzikguy2326d ago

I wonder that too. Far too many people use these generic terms as selling points when they don't even mean anything. More grass? Four times the clouds in the sky? More freckles on the character? Of course I'm only joking with those, but those things do happen. I'm so excited for this game. I've been keeping in blackout mostly to calm hype and all

EverydayGuy2326d ago

Maybe he just means there are 4 times more mechanics than killzone.

Fishy Fingers2326d ago

Most interesting new IP I've seen in a long time. Fortunately they were given a break from KZ as they clearly had more to give.

Aurenar2326d ago

True, but then again I always thought the Killzone games were underrated.

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