Deal or no deal? EB Games ripoff.

Buttonmasher spot one deal they wont be taking advantage of. Read how EB Games are shafting gamers in New Zealand.

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disrupt3r3694d ago

I work at eb games, and when i first saw this poster i laughed.

if anyone tries to do this deal, I'm going to tell them not to and turn them away.

Jake the Muss3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Nice article, Hops. An interesting perspective, even if it is only relevant for those in New Zealand.

The point about retailers such as EB Games trying to exploit the second hand games market and how developers are trying to combat this I found quite interesting. This is something that many here probably do not consider but it has serious ramifications for all gamers.

DLC seems to be quite the increasing hot topic these days; even flagship titles like Killzone 2 has rumors of Co-op coming as DLC. It could well be true that DLC is, in addition to other reasons, a response from publishers trying to stem the market of second hand games. If this is the case, then I see dark days for those that operate with caps or limits on their broadband.

Rockstar3694d ago

EB Games has always been a ripoff regardless of the "deal".

"We'll give you 5 bucks for that and sell it for 45" or "you can buy it used for 55 dollars or if you want to spend the coin here's a new copy for 59 bucks"

Seriously though, this is a huge rip.

chrisnick3694d ago

they suck.....i have to find a way to get better value for my stuff.

Panthers3694d ago

Sell on Ebay. You will get more and the buyer will pay less.

IzKyD13313694d ago

I never shop at gamestop or eb games, I just don't want to hand over my money to them lol

Panthers3694d ago

I do because it seems like I am forced to. The SOCOM beta was through them and it is just easier. But I do not sell them my games.

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The story is too old to be commented.