Wii, DS Officially Arriving in India on 30th Sep '08

Samurai-India, in partnership with HCL, will be officially launching the Wii and DS on 30th September 2008. In fact, they have already unofficially started supplying the consoles to all the major electronic chains and it's only a matter of time before we start seeing them on the store shelves. The Nintendo Wii will be priced at INR 19,990 while the Nintendo DS will be available for INR 7,990.

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FreestyleBarnacle4323d ago

That's even more than the rip off prices in the UK and Europe. Do many other consoles get more expensive over their lifetime?

Nike4323d ago

19,990 in Indian Rupees comes to about $500 ($1 = Rs.40) for the Wii and $200 for the DS. However, when Xbox 360 and PS3 were launched, their prices, high at the time, eventually came down. Not exactly meeting the price cuts that people around the world have been enjoying but nonetheless, much more affordable when first announced.

Also, this is India we're talking about. Most small-town folk still associate Road Rash with the best gaming has to offer.

buckethead_9114322d ago

The console market is doing well here....The only reason why the consoles are priced high is because of the fked up custom duties. Nothing else.