Socom beta broken

It seems to be an unfortunate trend of modern online gaming - last week it was Spore, and now it's Socom: Confrontation that has been plagued with online server issues. Do these people not see it coming?

This, of course, has made performance of the currently-running public online beta less than desirable, but developer Slant Six Games is on the case.

"Due to overwhelming demand for the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta, we are experiencing load related issues. These issues are causing abnormal latency, disconnects, long load times, login errors and community features such as clans and stats not functioning correctly (or at all)," it posted on its official site today.

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darkwing3696d ago

really now, Beta = Demo = Full version?, yeah right

Dyingduck3695d ago

This is what beta is made for, stress test on the system - personally I am glad it happens now rather than latter

Spore on the other hand is already in its full retail version so is Too Human

Pain3695d ago

Thats the only group of idiots that are spewing FUD about this.

Say it with me Tools B-E-T-A kinda like what the XBOX 2 is. both crashing.

clintos593695d ago

Besides that Socom aint even out yet so why are they already trying to downplay socom? Anyways it does have server problems but the game is fun as hell. Definately will be buying this on bluray.

Chubear3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I didn't see all this "it's broken" stuff for other games like Warhawk beta testing and that game was way worse with it booting you off almost every 3-4mins and lagged like crazy the first 2 weeks.

Gaming editorial pieces aren't about providing info anymore. It's one huge fanboy irritant game just to win the "clicks-on-our-website " battle.

morganfell3695d ago

Balls. Or stupidity. One or the other. But they have one of those items. I suspect the latter. After all there has to be some reason why these wannabe journos HAVE NO EFFING IDEA OF WHY THEY CALL IT A BETA AND WHAT A BETA IS NOR THE PURPOSE OF A BETA.

Here's a hint. Get a rope and hang yourself you dumbasses you. Stupid moronic writers being accorded credibility when they are some of the most idiotic people ever to gain internet access.

WIIIS13695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Apparently, you don't just expect betas to be buggy, you expect them to be absolutely broken too. It just simply wouldn't be a beta if it didn't have crippling login errors or disconnection problems or abnormally long load times. Welcome to the new age of stupid.

morganfell3695d ago

Chubear, this is the price we pay for any 12 year old with internet access. Self proclaimed journalists.

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Fishy Fingers3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I had problems the first night, laggy menu and ridiculous load times. But after that I haven't had any real problems I wouldn't expect from a beta. Bit of lag, few visual problems but all in all it's been ok.

Hopefully the new update should help out those with problems. Happy shooting guys.

Little advice, get/use your mic's. A lot of the guys I've played with have been really friendly and like to orchestrate team movements with everyone else. This being my first SOCOM, they've also helped me "get with it" much quicker. SOCOM although I havent experienced much, seems to have a very mature, helpful following, I've really enjoyed my time with it so far.

Raoh3695d ago

they do minor updates every morning behind the scenes, tweaks most likely on their end since day one.

this update is client side meaning its download patch that changes the local build on our ps3's.

pre update: i logged on last night after work and was able to get in a game with no problem, little to no lag and plenty of matches were played back to back in a 32 player map..

sometimes dev slip other changes hidden inside an update that goes unannounced..

that site sounds like the whiny little girls on the playstation forums complaining that it's not the original game when they should be happy with all the progress... i think they've been spoiled with run and gun games and forgot how socom is played..

Fishy Fingers3695d ago

Yeah Id agree with that, my first game I went running in like I tend to do in most shooters (COD, Gears, Warhawk etc) but quickly realised (after repeated pwnage) that isn't how SOCOM need to be played. It much more tactical and squad based, leaning more towards CS:S in it's "realism". It's actually rather refreshing to play a shooter that you need to take your time with, an use a more patient approach.

iceman28853695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I tried to play last night and wasn't having very many problems with the game. However I was having a heck of a time trying to find a match b/c apparently half the people playing/trying to join games don't know how to 'green up' by hitting the start button. I seriously sat in one game lobby for 15 minutes waiting for a 32 man game before I just left b/c people wouldn't green up. Talk about annoying.

The game itself though, I had a blast.

jlytle12343695d ago

played socom all weekend. i guess somebody forgot to tell me it was broken.

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