Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered: Raven tease possible future “support” for DLC?

CALL OF DUTY Infinite Warfare is set to offer the usual DLC maps packs but it’s also been teased that there could be new “support” coming for the Modern Warfare Remastered as well.

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ApexWolf22754d ago (Edited 754d ago )

Well they're probably talking about the
"Variety Map Pack" that they sold for $14.99 and included 4 extra maps, Broadcast, Creek, China Town & Killhouse. They introduced season passes with Black Ops II, prior to that it was CoD Elite service on MW3...

Keith22754d ago

"Only included with season pass"

ApexWolf22754d ago

Doubtful since they plan on selling MW alone in future...perhaps as a bonus...

Aenea754d ago

But that is still just a rumour and hasn't been confirmed........

peewee11016754d ago


MetroidFREAK21754d ago

I would love the map pack released as DLC... Why not have the full game experience? I hope people play this version of CoD4 for years like the original version... I know I will be

STK026754d ago

I wouldn't mind them adding some select mw2 and mw3 maps. It could be interesting to turn this remaster into a best of type of collection over the next couple of years.

SouthClaw754d ago

I was thinking the same thing. They planed for 4 to be the base model for the game and then release MW2 & MW3 map packs could be interesting

peewee11016754d ago

Raven soft is running Call of Duty Online. If you want to see what they are doing may give us a hint of whats to come. Im telling you. from what they are doing over there i hope they bring to CoD 4