Spore Could Tank

Once the initial swell of sales fades, will Spore continue to sell and match the success of The Sims. This article at gameplayer examines the uphill battle that Spore is facing to succeed in its small window of opportunity between The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

"Not bloody likely! In fact, despite its truly awesome premise, Spore could tank. It could be gaming's Titanic, a technological marvel defeated by its own grandiose nature. Let us explain…"

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JsonHenry4316d ago

I have watched the videos of the game. And I can't figure out why anyone would want to play the game. But then again I never saw the point of any any Sims game other than SimCity and SimCopter.

IdleLeeSiuLung4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Personally, I hope EA suffers greatly for this. That will serve as a warning to other publishers not to overstep consumers rights.

Let's face it, the question is really why would I pay for this if it is easier (meaning less hassle) to download the darn thing. If I owned a legitimate copy I would spend $50 hard earned cashed, then potentially might have to deal with EA customer service and potentially be treated like a thief. Oh, and customer service is only open on weekdays....

Downloading it is free, no re-installation hassles, no DRM software making my computer run slower and I get the game likely faster than I can receive the game from an online purchase.

Let me see, what to do, what to do....

Now, I in no way support piracy and am a software developer myself. I'm also a shareholder and understand business owners motivation. However, this is not acting in the best interrest of the shareholders or employees by punishing the very same people you are selling to.

Want to curb piracy, include a major online component or provide follow up support in terms patches and dlc to only registered users.

I just don't know how managment comes up with these ideas and constantly try and push DRM again and again at consumers. If I were an EA shareholder, I would look for the exit. This alone tells me they are not acting in shareholders best interrest, but rather for the short term profit goal (if any). We continue to wonder why one of the largest video game publishers shares are doing poorly?