A new glitch found in the 30-year-old ‘Legend of Zelda’ lets you beat the game in three minutes

Speedrunners have recently devised a method that allows players to rescue Zelda three minutes after starting a new game.

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iplay1up22797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Its NOT new ! I have seen it done before. Years ago, like in the early 90's. I did a net search and did not find it, but I know for a fact this is NOT new. I would look harder, but nah. I know what I saw!

DragonPaw2797d ago

Just like that bigfoot you saw getting out of a UFO that was talking to a ghost. ;) LOL, I believe you!

iplay1up22796d ago

No Peter Pan. I saw it in a Magazine!

NotoriousWhiz2796d ago

Sure whatever grandpa, and I'm sure you walked uphill in the snow both ways to get that magazine.

mamotte2796d ago

Proof or it never happened

iplay1up22796d ago

Yes it did happen, Look I am a 45 yo who has owned every Nintendo home console since NES, I subscribed To Nintendo Power and Game informer for years, it may have been in there!

I also recall video too, way back when AOL was still popular, probably saw it on IGN!

DragonPaw2796d ago

I was joking if you didnt notice up there, but I have no idea why people are saying you are lying haha. I don't know what difference it makes or what you would get from it but apparently everyone is a cynic lol

I can just imagine everyone not even looking at you and saying "whatever" like you are talking about killing a bear with a sword. You would have to be pretty unstable to be looking for self esteem in an old NES trick hahahaha

franwex2796d ago

Basically it's coding with gameplay.

mkis0072796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Bugs didn't exist back then. They do now: conspiracy.


F1 24 Q&A - Codemasters Talks AI Improvements, Confirms NVIDIA DLSS 3 (Frame Gen) Support

With two weeks left before the launch of F1 24, Wccftech interviewed Codemasters to discuss some of the improvements fans will find in the game.

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Dfooster19h ago

So it looks like they have abandoned unreal for future iterations of the game and are sticking with ego. So that means no decent VR support on PC and none on console seeing as the ego can't handle it properly. I think I'm done with this franchise it's turned into fifa with a hefty price tag and no innovation from one year to the next. Time for someone else to have a go at this licence


Japan: Nintendo death threats suspect charged by police

Japanese police have charged the man responsible for sending death threats to Nintendo.

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ZeekQuattro14h ago

All that because a canceled event. Dude needs to rethink his life. Videgames ain't that deep.

gold_drake14h ago

i dont quite understand the motivation behind that sorta thing.


Nintendo’s new job opening hints at innovative packaging for future products

Nintendo of America has posted a fascinating new job opening that could signal significant changes for the company’s future products.

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