Dead Space Engine to Become Major Middleware

Gameplayer spoke with Glen Schofield, the head of the studio working on upcoming horror sci-fi game Dead Space, who gave them the scoop on EA's planes for the middleware's future.

"Glen was very excited about what the engine can offer, and how malleable it is. Lawyers are currently on the job sorting out the legalities of officially naming the engine and an announcement on this will be made soon."

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Harry1903694d ago

It's a great engine. Dead Space looks great and from the looks of things, plays great too. I still remember that interview in which they explained that Clifford Blezinski was visiting the Redwood studio and looking at Dead Space and he actually thought they had d0one a great job optimizing the Unreal Engine. That's a classic now.

SlappingOysters3694d ago

I didn't know that - what a tool