Are game reviews pointless?

OXM Editor states:

"I think I have dedicated my life to writing things that nobody wants to read.

When I started reviewing games, it was for a love of games and a love of writing. I still have both. Then I started to take great pride in offering advice - both to consumers who wanted to spend their money wisely, and to developers/publishers who didn't have an objective perspective on their own work. As long as my criticism can be constructive, I feel I'm doing the right thing. But increasingly, the developers don't want to read reviews that aren't positive..."

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SnowViper3695d ago

Then what are we to do if Editors are lying about game reviews. He admits to not playing the whole game, dosen't understand the genre...and he is On peoples payroll...What does that mean? Then he says if they try to prove it he would only lie??
Why would an OXM Editor admit this on his personal blog???

JoySticksFTW3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I believe that this guy is just being sarcastic

But to his woes, I would only advise that when he gives a score that he truly believes in then he should clearly back them up with well written reasons to why the score was given.

The B$ will always reveal itself... As will the good, unbiased reviewers such as Game Informer.

There is something valid about a particular reviewer not understanding the genre or game though

Remember when Rachet ToFD got a 7.5 for too much variety from a reviewer that specializes in sports games?

Also remember some of those busted MGS4 scores that complained about Rambo-ing through the game when everyone knows that the nature of MGS is to sneak about unnoticed while stealthily dispatching foes if need be. Not to mention the whole "too many overly long cutscenes" fiasco that MGS is also known for and its fans welcome.

But mostly I think everyone should take the time to find a reviewer that shares their opinions and thoughts and stick with them.

As for developers complaining about reviews, just make the best darn game that you can make, listen to the criticism & suggestions(particularly from the fans), and make an even better game next time. Looking at you LAIR... if there is a next time for you.


and Too Human

Idonthatejustcreate3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Have dosen reviewers and review a game in it's early beta stages. If the reviews are good you keep on developing it like you should but if the reviews are bad then you figure out how to make the game appealing to those that think it's lackluster.

If you can't stop and view your creation from another perspective then use the help of others. Open and Closed betas are exactly what im talking about but it should be easier just to establish some highly skilled reviewers and let them take a look at what you've done and then they either give you a green light or a red light to further development. (But also it's important that the reviewers has to have the balls to say what sucks about the game like Simond Cowell does in Britains got talent)

Of course this would cost some money but honestly im sick of patches coming out post releases of games to fix the crap that a simple reviewer could tell whats wrong with it.

JoySticksFTW3695d ago

I like the idea about reviewing the game while still in development, early enough to make changes for the better. I think some game developers already do this.

And I totally agree that releasing patches to fix the game should not be the norm. I realize that PC gamers are used to this, but with a game like LAIR when the devs were warned about solely using motion control,and not including the option for analog control (which was actually used during development)to preserve their vision of the game - only to release a patch for analog controls later after poor review scores and complaints from fans.

Factor 5 even went as far as to send reviewers instructions on how to properly use the motion controls (as if they were confused) before they just gave the people what they really wanted... the OPTION of analog control

I admit that I became pretty good at using the motion controls for LAIR, but to not include the option of analog seemed stubborn

slapsta723695d ago

isnt he being sarcastic?

InMyOpinion3695d ago

Of course he is, but most people probably won't notice that.

"They can't prove it, but nobody has to. And they won't ask me directly, because I'd only lie. Isn't that convenient?"

He's implying that most reviewers are paid off and that it's more or less impossible to prove it.

vadercares3695d ago

So are game reviewers really paid under the table to give good reviews? Why would you even joke like that? Its like working at a bank and joking on your blog that everyone who works at the bank steals...That joke is not to funny!

n4gzz3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Not only this editor but most of the editor (say about 80%) lie about game reviews. They may not lie 100% about game but hey boost some or downplay some games.

Who is surprised ?
After all they gotta keep their job.

vadercares3695d ago

Do they lie because there are too many games??

Fishy Fingers3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Exactly, we're talking about these peoples livings here. I'm sure high rated site/mags such as OXM wouldnt outright lie about a game but they may "embellish the truth" somewhat, maybe downplay the negatives or bump that 8 up to a 9.

But like the editor says, it's almost impossible to prove, as much as people claim bias or paid off or whatever, we don't know what happened behind closed doors, what it really his opinion or was he "influenced"? We don't know.

Anyway, reviews are only there to give you an impression, you should always get as much of a mixer as possible, or even better, try the game yourself and apply your opinion of it regardless of what others maybe think.

Either way, there is a shed load of sarcasm in the editors comments, I wouldnt take it 100% seriously.

vadercares3695d ago

I agree he has a tone of sarcasm in it, but why even joke that he would personally lie. Just because he is being sarcastic doesn't mean he isn't telling the truth! Oh well I am just shocked that the Editor of OXM would even say that stuff out loud!

Fishy Fingers3695d ago

I'm not sure, and frankly that's only something he can answer. Perhaps after all the recent internet trend of claim this site is biased or that site was paid off purely because they didnt give it the score you thought accurate (even though most of the time the people claim this havent even played that game) has got to him somewhat.

Either way, it's not the best move on his part, either he is fanning the flames or it's his way of admitting that they embellish the truth.

Who knows, but when you read reviews from official sources (OXM, OPM etc) you have to expect them to slightly lean towards there platform. I'm sure there has been times at school or work or whatever where you have downplayed negatives or focussed primarily on the positives, or dare I say even lied to make your life a little easier?

I've always taken reviews as just an opinion and would always take them with a grain of salt as we all have different opinions and tastes.

SnowViper3695d ago

Fishy Fingers Said:
"Either way, it's not the best move on his part, either he is fanning the flames or it's his way of admitting that they embellish the truth."

I agree with you 100% that was not smart on his part.

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vadercares3695d ago

I always thought they had a person for each genre. And why would you even Joke about lying about a game review, or be sarcastic. He calls himself a martyr. I guess I missed the joke of his blog. Why joke and say you lie about your game reviews at all...that just dosen't make since at all!

Laexerias3695d ago

No Way! That cant be true!

vadercares3695d ago

Laex why would he post that on his public blog? Would you ever joke about something like this if you had his job? At the very least would you post it on your public blog??

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