Yoshida - PS3 hardware, cost and pricing "now coming together"

It's all happening. Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that Jack Tretton's claim that 2008 would be the "year of PlayStation 3? is coming to fruition.

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Sevir043717d ago

“That’s not to say we’re not working on product for next year,” he added. “We have some titles that we have announced this year for release next year, like Heavy Rain and MAG, our big 256-player online title.

i cant wait.

n4gzz3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I am still shocked about MAG !! I just wonder how they gonna manage that many in one server and wonder game could be epic hit or fail. Lets cross finger and hope mag deliver us the most in ps3 generation period.

edit : Agree sixTwo. it was my mistake, I mean to say, how PS3 gonna handle it and top of that its shooting game.

SixTwoTwo3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

256 players really ain't a big deal server wise. Look at how many players the average MMO server has to deal with.

EDIT: The same it way it will handle DC Universe and The Agency :)


You guys may not remember this, but i do..........i turned down a system in november of 2005 to wait for the true next generation system. Coincidentally, Said system would be able to utilize its cpu as some sort of bandwidth buffer in consortium with the other systems in game, in an attempt to kill lag.allegedly, one of its many next gen features.

i dont know if this relies on the network, on the chip, or both. I can see them reserving 1 spu to accomodate this task though. Reinventing the wheel in this manner points at a PSN that will receive steroids in the coming months. Just think.

himdeel3717d ago a game where they are trying to get you closer to the sensory feelings and urgency of playing in the chaos that is war while relaxing on your couch.

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felidae3717d ago

just look at ps2's library of games. it will be the same with the ps3 - trust me!

thereapersson3717d ago

It was a little slow-going when the PS2 was in its early years, but once the ball got rolling, it didn't stop.

DARKKNIGHT3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

it may have slowed down to pick up passengers....but now were Flying down the track. TRUST me when i say were on schedule.

i will only be worried if for some reason in 2009 ps3 just drops in sales. According to history, this will not happen. Of course, if you bribe alot of people with alot of can somewhat change the future to your liking*temporarily*. we all know that s#it wont last.

Silogon3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I see no RPG's on ps3's plate in the near future; maybe they should make that a top priority. Just a thought, Sony.

Edit to below; yes Dark cloud and Final Fantasy both came out in sony's 1st year on the american market "so to speak"

Dark cloud came in May and Final Fantasy x came in October that year. Silent Hill 2, Ace Combat, Devil May Cry are also 1st year american Ps2 games; with Jak & Daxter slightly missing the October date and hitting in November.

So, no matter how you cut it, Ps2 had a better 1st year than the Ps3 did.

juuken3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Well...rpg's didn't start raining from the sky for the PS2 until much later. The PS3 is starting out slow the same way as the PS2.

SixTwoTwo: Yeah, I know but I still see the PS3 starting out the same way as the PS2. Besides, we are getting rpg's. It's not like we don't have any rpg's. I'm saying that in due time the rpg's will come.

SixTwoTwo3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

@juuken ... dark cloud and FFX both came out in PS2's first year

EDIT: they're already kind of here, D3 ES and VC. we just got to wait a bit longer for WKC

@Silogon ... PS2's first year was incredible (You forgot GTA 3 and MGS2 o...O) by far the best first year of any console ever. IMO its unfair to compare any consoles first year to the PS2's first year.

DavidMacDougall3717d ago

I didn't buy a ps3 for RPG's i want Motorstorm , Resistance2 and Socom.

TheHater3717d ago

yeah, I do agree that the ps3 need more JRPG's. We are getting two JRPG in October and November

theKiller3717d ago

we need JRPG's!!

we will get some this year so no need to worry but we need more!!

waltercross3717d ago

I Have to agree, the PS3 needs more JRPG's, I Know they'll
come, we just need to be patient.

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SixTwoTwo3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Naughty Dog and Team Ico games :) :0 :)

Maybe even Gran Turismo 5 ???

n4gzz3717d ago

I want the GT5. Hope, it will come out by summber 09.

TOO PAWNED3717d ago

We already know about GT5, so it must be something new. Damn cant wait.
I know PS3 2009 line up will beat PS3 2008 line up. From 2007 its just up, up, up.......

SixTwoTwo3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Ok then maybe, just maybe Sony will FINALLY announce a next gen Colony Wars.

@jamegohanssj5 ... It was a deep space shooter series on the PS1 and its just crying out for a next gen version.

thereapersson3717d ago

You don't know what Colony Wars is? Did you just get into gaming on Playstation-branded consoles with the PS2?

yanikins1113717d ago

To Sony.

Colony Wars.


thereapersson3717d ago

What the hell is there to disagree with in my first statement? Colony Wars started on the PSX, and was one of the bigger sci-fi shooter "franchises" on the system, developed by one of the bigger names in development at that time (Psygnosis). Most people who haven't heard of Colony Wars haven't been gaming with the Playstation brand long enough to recognize that fact, or they have been out of the loop when it comes to famous franchises.

Bordel_19003717d ago

I want WRC Rally, whatever happened to that series?

Figboy3717d ago

i still have that game. i should pop it into my PS3 just for kicks.

Sony has quite a few franchises they can pimp this generation with reboots like Warhawk;

Omega Boost: this was ZOE for the PS1. i was surprised at how fast the combat was on this game. i currently have it downloaded to my PSP.

Arc the Lad: even just remakes of the original would be nice.

Alundra: god dammit, bring this series back. if there was ever a game that could challenge Zelda in terms of style, and puzzles, this series was it. we need a part 3, pronto.

Colony Wars: naturally. think of it as a Warhawk style online game, with ground and space battles, but unlike Warhawk, this title will actually have a single player campaign (narrated by James Earl Jones like the originals? i HOPE SO).

Dark Cloud: part 3 is apparently on the cards after Level 5 wraps up White Knight Chronicles.

Rogue Galaxy 2: also on the cards after Level 5 wraps up WKC.

Extermination: it's a series that could broaden Sony's first party survival horror genre beyond SIREN, and a retooling could fix many of the issues that kept the original from being top quality.

Ghosthunter: this game was criminally underrated. it had humor, and fun gameplay. it was Ghostbusters minus the Ghostbusters, but highly enjoyable. i finally beat it a few months back, and i'd love to see more.

Primal: another underrated gem. the world, characters, and gameplay desperately need a PS3 revival.

Folklore: people apparently don't like unique, interesting games with vibrant worlds and characters (see, Primal). it's a shame. Folklore was one of the best year one PS3 titles released last year, and it deserves an even more polished followup. the gameplay was addicting, the visuals and music stellar, and the creature designs were top notch. it was Pokemon for adults, in my mind. i still have a few Folk Souls left to catch before i have them all.

Intelligent Qube: a PSN remake and release would be welcome (actually, didn't i read that it was on the way? maybe not)

Jumping Flash: one of the first 3D platformers deserves a remake, either on the PSN, or a full BR release.

Legend of Dragoon: Sony just has this plethora of RPG franchises from days past that deserve PS3 releases. the Dragoon series is one of them. hell, buy Level 5 and just set them to work on recreating these lost RPGs.

Legend of Legaia: another RPG that Sony could be waving in Microsoft's face. MS is walking all over them with RPG releases, but Sony could deliver both QUALITY AND QUANTITY RPGs if they tap into these classic series.

The Mark of Kri/Rise of the Kasai: either a continuation of this series, or outright remakes of the originals would be welcome. it's what Disney movies would be if they had balls in terms of action, violence, and story. i'm still playing through Rise of the Kasai, but it's just as enjoyable as the excellent first, and it's unique combat system could use a SIXAXIS tweaking. i'd opt for PSN remakes, since the games would be small enough for download, and could be more experimental like Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, further testing the waters of people paying for smaller, yet full production titles on the PSN.

Okage: i think with the power of the new console, this Tim Burton-esque world could be given a more deserving treatment of it's quirky premise. i'm thinking tapping Insomniac's Resistance/Ratchet and Clank engine, but tweaked for the Okage universe. remake or sequel. why not BOTH?

Pursuit Force: these PSP games are surprisingly enjoyable. a PSN/PS3 update would be welcome. that's all.

War of the Monsters: this game is so much fun i can't even describe it. what i would do for a PS3/PSN addition to the series, with more monsters, more destructible environments, and 2 on 2, or even 4 on 4 monster battles, where you can level the GIGANTIC environments with friends to your hearts content. outside of Twisted Metal and God of War, War of the Monsters is Sony Santa Monica's best franchise. we desperately need a PS3 remake.

Wild ARMS: yet another RPG, but one with great potential. the franchise is still around, but it could use a retooling, and maybe even a "back to it's roots" reboot.

like i said before, there are so many franchises from the PS1 and PS2 era that Sony has just left by the wayside, that could see new life, and a new audience on the PS3. most of the titles i listed above were overshadowed by bigger and better PS1/PS2 games, so some good marketing, maybe selling the originals on the PSN, then announcing a PS3 update, would do one of a few things:

1) show the breadth and diversity of the PS3 lineup
2) make lots of fans of those forgotten series very happy
3) potentially sell PS3's when people see how many more quality exclusives coming from Sony's first and second party developers there are hitting the system.

who's to say that Sony isn't considering quite a few of the games on my above list, and with a supposed "10 year" lifecycle for the PS3, i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a few of these announced in the coming E3's, GDCs, GCs, and Tokyo Game Shows.

RememberThe3573716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )


EDIT: Ghosthunter was the sh*t.

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