Gameplay Monthly : Infinite Undiscovery Review

Gameplaymonthly:"When it was first announced, Infinite Undiscovery was one slick looking game. On the surface, it looked fantastic: developed the Tri-Ace, the team behind the relatively popular Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile games, replete with a stunningly creative premise, an entirely new gameplay engine, and stunning next-generation graphics. The central concept of the story-that of giant chains reaching up into the sky and wrapping around the moon is intriguing both thematically and aesthetically, seemed like an excellent premise for a new RPG franchise that might one day rival the behemoth Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests of the world."

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Laexerias4323d ago

Great Game, great Review.

Dyingduck4323d ago

Obviously you cannot read neither because any sane person would see that his review did not match the score...

Flame-bait score, nothing more
This game is a flop, look at meta-score, 6.9 (good position, btw)

blikz4323d ago

This game deserve like 8.5/10...

jojo3194323d ago

I don't think the game is as bad as he's saying. After reading the review though, that "A" has to be a typo.

gaffyh4323d ago

Lol the guy basically hates every aspect of the game and still gives it a A- ???

I think IU is ~7-8/10

kingme714323d ago

95% of that review was negative, but he gives it an A-?

kapedkrusader4323d ago

..."it perpetually disappoints. In the end, it’s little more than a decent game with a lot of promise, but very little realized potential...". A-?

Chuck Norris4323d ago

Wow! This game must be as good as Too Human seeing as they gave it the same score.

militant074323d ago

So, its good if its good as too human, i liked too human but couldnt get cuse this fall full of games better than those

Fox014323d ago

it's a different game POS

P4KY B4323d ago

But where are the reviews of Zoids Assault that were due out today?

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