Dave Cox:I Left Because Konami Had No Vision About Where They Wanted To Go or What They Wanted To Do

Dave Cox, Executive Producer on the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy, explained today the reasons behind his departure from Konami.

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Chris_Wray853d ago

It's not a big surprise. Everything we've heard about the company over time. They're absolutely abysmal to employees and even their own IP's, just farming them out to anybody. They wont give credit where it's due and just can't handle any semblance of their employees getting credit while the board/company gets overlooked.

FucKonami news sections by Jim Sterling, and his videos directly covering them, say more than I ever could.

Imp0ssibl3853d ago

True, but as someone who loves their IPs, it's a small tragedy. I wonder if we'll ever get another proper AAA game from them (Survive doesn't count)...

Chris_Wray852d ago

We'll get AAA games from em. They'll just be poor and aim for the lowest common denominator. Survive is a pure example of that. IP names will get tacked on ro anything just as a money grabbing exercise.

ccgr853d ago

Looking forward to checking out future titles from MercurySteam

Mikefizzled853d ago

Raiders of the Broken Planet?

ccgr852d ago

Raiders of the Broken PLanet

Mostafeto853d ago

Konami has been detoriating for years now.

Aurenar853d ago

Indeed. Though I'm not completely discounting Metal Gear Survive just yet.

thejigisup853d ago

I don't care if they produce the next citizen cane of gaming, I will not purchase their games.

853d ago
Garethvk853d ago

Its always funny how when a person leaves revisionist history arrives. Before going full on media I worked at a software company where all that was done was an e mail saying so and so was no longer with the company and that was it.

Enigma_2099853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

... as if they weren't allowed to say anything while they worked there or something.

Also, cry me a f*****' river, Cox. Didn't care for your Cstlevania of War game, anyway.


Castlevania was my favorite series growing up and still is. It's unfortunate how the series doesn't get the proper respect and treatment it deserves. I enjoys the most resent games but I just don't think Castlevania will ever be what it once was.

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