"We got caught in a s***storm"

The makers of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow hit back.

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ZaWarudo2808d ago

I would love to see a director's cut version of LoS2 that removes the stealth sections and gives us a proper last boss battle/ending. I enjoyed the game overall, but those were some big problems for me.

SarcasticDuck2808d ago

yeah, i literally had to follow step by step a walkthrough during that labyrinth/garden section just to fight the monster afterwards! For me, the three Belmont (alucard, dracula and the human descendent) should've fought together Lucifer (who should've got a decent upgrade).

Snookies122808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I freaking LOVED Lords of Shadow 1. It was probably one of my favorite games last-gen. I was so pumped for LoS 2 and was about to pre-order it. I just feel like the magic was lost with the second one. Part of the reason I liked the first so much was all the incredible scenery. Going from swamps to Gothic castles and everything in-between.

strifeblade2808d ago

The second one was amazing- better than the first and i loved the narrative.

moegooner882808d ago

Oh look more reasons to love Konami.

oricon2808d ago

Kojima was the one who got these guys in charge of the castlevania series and had iga out of the job.

kparks2808d ago

A remake of all the good old Castlevania games would be sweet like a collector's or legacy edition .

yomfweeee2808d ago

According to the interview, Konami gave them complete control.

WMANUW2808d ago

really good game as lost planet 3. shit storm haters and nothing else

IamTylerDurden12808d ago

Lost Planet 3 was terrific. The story and atmosphere in that game were sublime.

rezzah2808d ago

3 was terrible. Traded everything for the story. Like the opposite of 2, which had everything but a good story.

Warshade2808d ago

The real flaw in these games were the extremely sub par platforming. They could have really made something amazing but what they created felt like a chore everywhere but exploration.

rdgneoz32808d ago

Loved the first one, minus the sh!tty camera angles that led to getting dive bombed by stuff off the screen every so often.

IamTylerDurden12808d ago

The first game was magic, Mercury Steam added a gem to the Castlevania stable with that one.

andresegr2808d ago

I loved the first Lords of Shadow.

I never bought the second one, critics destroyed the game and i never bothered buying the game.

sdcard4gb2808d ago

Nah, it was fine. Not as good, but certainly NOT shit, I'll tell you this much.

KwietStorm_BLM2808d ago

Wasn't worth it to me. Nowhere near on par with the first one, which sucks even worse after ending on such a surprisingly high note.

Movefasta19932808d ago

The combat was way better but other than that it's still a decent game.

Chaos_Order2808d ago

I too loved Lords of Shadow. With the exception of Symphony of The Night, it's actually my fave Castlevania game.

I played Lords of Shadow 2 and couldn't manage more than 4 hours or so before putting iit on the shelf and letting it collect dust. Possibly one of the worst games I played last gen. IMO it's better not to tarnish what the first game did by playing its mediocre sequel.

ZaWarudo2808d ago

It's quite good despite its problems. Not as good as the first though.

rezzah2808d ago

Critics destroyed it but it seems those who actually played it still like it.

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