The 4 Best JRPGs at Tokyo Game Show 2016

Here are the best Japanese role-playing games on the show floor at TGS this year.

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Aurenar1824d ago

Looking forward to Tales of Berseria.

Kashima1824d ago

Persona 5 top 1 for me, the only amazing turn-based jrpg on current gen so far.

glassgannon9091824d ago

bravely default/second
dragon quest 7/11
i am setsuna
smt 4/apocalypse

just to name a few

khdaface1824d ago

no disappointing gamespot

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Tapani1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

For me the best RPGs I saw were:

Persona 5 - I don't like the high school setting, but this game just rocks! (1st and 2nd Persona are still the best...)
Ryuu Ga Gotoku 6 - Yakuza with Kitano Takeshi? Sold.
Nioh - Dark Souls in Japanese demon setting by Team Ninja ooh yeah!
FFXV - Best FF game in years after Reishiki. Looked both fun and deep (in gameplay and story).
Nier Automata - Can't beat Yoko Taro's direction and stories. And Platinum Games handling the gameplay!

After a long time, Japan had a very solid AAA offering at TGS, and all of them are RPGs! Well, except for The Last Guardian, which was in its own category. It had its own booth and it was full of people who just stared at the big screen and observed the interactions between Toriko and the boy. MGS Survive looked like crap. Some good stuff here and there from Japanese developers, like Tales of Berseria, but nothing AAA or AA level that stood out. VR was brilliant, but the lines were just nuts (would have taken three hours wait to even have a possibility for a "cancellation" ticket). There was some really good indie stuff too!

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