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The title of these games is a falsehood. While they might tote the name “Remastered” a more honest publisher would have branded them “Retextured” as that really is just about all that has been done here. What we have here is akin to a very extensive graphical upgrade mod, boosting the basic visuals but doing little to nothing to fix long standing bugs or improve a number of very basic features.

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RedDeadLB2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

This about outlines my satisfaction with the remasters. Barely any difference compared to the originals, which is a huge shame because both games deserve much more.

blackblades2560d ago

Not all remasters are like that, kingdom hearts was one of those good remasters. Still your right, I wish they remade the game then remaster them. Same story, same gameplay but remodeled for the new system, fix every issue that was wrong with the original game and maybe change the bad parts of gameplay. Somethin like that.

Yi-Long2560d ago

Sadly, That Ezio HD Collection Ubisoft announced also seems like a lazy port. Was looking forward to that, cause I loved AC2GOTY, and haven't played Brotherhood and Revelations yet, but I'll just wait a year until that collection is 10 bucks or something...

mikeslemonade2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Now that's the score it should be. How can you reward a remaster just as high as the orginals. Makes no sense. You gonna reward a developer for improving something instead of making something new.

DarXyde2560d ago

The Last of Us, Nathan Drake Collection, Master Chief Collection, and Valkyria Chronicles were pretty well done. no complaints there.

Otherwise, I can agree.

Trekster_Gamer2560d ago

Uncharted was not anything different, not true remasters.. They look so very dated.

DarXyde2560d ago

The resolution and frame rate were increased. The picture looks better and the game runs smoother.

....That's pretty much what a remaster is. Ever get those old VHS videos remastered? What's different? They run smoother and the image quality is cleaner. Still largely looks familiar though. Anything beyond that teeters on remake.

The 10th Rider2559d ago

Wind waker HD as well. That fixed most problems with the original. Twilight Princess HD was okay, fixed some things but there was more that could have been done.

DarXyde2559d ago

The 10th Rider,

I have no idea how I forgot about Wind Waker HD. Love that game.

Well said.

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andresegr2560d ago

What kind of nonsense is this review?!?!

What is happening to N4G...

dotwithshoes2560d ago

the author sounds like a very unhappy person.

Chaosdreams2560d ago

...Albeit the review and its score is at the end of the day, an opinion. I don't think "graphics" are reason enough to make a game have a score that's so low. You're essentially saying the game us unbearable, unplayable and sucks in many levels from story to gameplay mechanics. Yet you clearly only have an issue with the transition between the originals and the remastered version graphically.

So this score is...very questionable.

fenome2560d ago

It seems more like they're just reviewing the quality of the remaster and not the actual games themselves.

Chaosdreams2560d ago

That's essentially what's happening. But the title of the review gives the impression they are reviewing the game itself. So this'll get bashed by anyone who doesn't click/read. Even after reading it though, I think the score given is a joke.

StrawberryDiesel4202560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

They are and it's not accurate. However, how can you be mad at a game that went from 30fps to 60fps and from 720p to 1080p? Not to mention improved in other areas as well. People are so entitled. Obviously this remaster on console was to make the games more on par with the pc versions. I'm happy with that. The feel of the controls alone going from 30 to 60fps was worth it for me, especially with Bioshock's combat/gameplay. It's so much more responsive. There is definitely some frame drops here and there on PS4 while playing Infinite, but overall it's a huge difference from the 360/PS3 versions.

fenome2560d ago

People just seem to like to trash on everything now, it's pretty ridiculous. There's a lot of cool stuff going on now in the industry and people don't really seem to appreciate any of it. It's mainstream now, so I guess instead of actual discussions we just get tantrums and bullshit trying to be spread like gospel. The comment threads are pretty much what paint gamers into our bad stigma now..

I'm an avid gamer, have been my whole life and I love this form of entertainment above all else because I'm not just a spectator, I actually get to become a part of this story. I'm enjoying seeing the evolution of it and hope I stick around for a good while longer just to see where it takes us.

fenome2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Oh, I agree 100%, I wasn't trying to defend it. It just comes across as misleading, every single one of these games is worth more than a 4/10 on their own, let alone a bundle with all 3 games on it.

conanlifts2560d ago

It might be simply retextured, but i think the review is flawed. 3 of the best games of last gen, with graphical upgrades for 1 price. Yet 4/10! The review is flawed as they are still great games and 4/10 implies barely playable.