New details on Final Fantasy XIII and Versus

Following up on the latest series of trailers that were first aired at the Jump Festa event in Tokyo late last year, Famitsu has scored interviews with the key personnel behind the Fabula Nova Crystallis series to shed some light into how things are going with the next generation of Final Fantasy.

The magazine first confirms some of what we gathered from the main Final Fantasy XIII trailer, an updated version of the E3 trailer with a few new scenes and a prologue section. In the main FFXIII game, the world is split into two parts: Cocoon and Pulse. Cocoon is a space colony that houses a few million people. Pulse is everything outside of it...

getting intresting read on for more, there is alot

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Sevir045234d ago

Now thats some interesting news and futhur has my interest in this title at an all time high, and the fact that we start to get alittle on the story as well, now for versus XIII, finally seeing the white engine in motion for that is gonna be Fabulous, i already want that game badly Go square now all you need to do is release those 2 freakin vedios from the Jump Festa and we'll be content for a while

Bebedora5234d ago

^^ This sounds as a real freaking story! I mean, I was not considering buying FFXIII but just the FF versus XIII. Now I'm sold. Damnit. I should'nt have read that article. But How can you not?