Spider-Man Web of Shadows Interview

Skewed and Reviewed gets the news on teh pending Spider-Man Web of Shadows game with Tim O'Neil / Lead Gameplay Programmer of the game.

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Silogon3694d ago

So basically, it's just another typical, boring, uncontrolable, spiderman game with a big city and nothing to do in it. Gotcha! the one thing I hated about spiderman games are the lack of control. The controls are always sloppy and just random. Pulling off 1 combo or another means nothing. That's how rewarding the gameplay has been in past Spiderman games.

Granted they were movie based, but still... A sucky game is a sucky game and this one looks to suck just as well as those did. Another thing I hate it how you can't enter any buildings in these games at all hardly. Why not just give us a spiderman game locational based? It would make the experience much more enjoyable.

These idiots who make/waste their time and ours on spiderman games is beyond me. Make a good one or at least a decent one for once.