First LittleBigPlanet billboard on eBay

PS3 Fanboy: Well, Sony told us eBay it. And it looks like jonnoj04 is the first one to answer the calling -- the seller has put up number 99/1000 of the limited edition LittleBigPlanet signs up for sale on the online auction site. He/she didn't even have to resort to stealing to obtain it -- this individual was told by the landscapers of the area where it was planted the sign would be removed soon and allowed him/her to take it.

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cool84319d ago

---in responce to my self........

n4gzz4319d ago

I would wait to sell that billboard. Once LBP makes epic position on gaming history, that thing can go really high.

marinelife94319d ago

It's up to $112.50 that will buy him two copies.

I can't wait to create content and sell it on Ebay.

UNCyrus4319d ago

like you wouldn't pay for this! i really think it'll go for a couple 100... easy

superflyguy4318d ago

Ha... It's funny how this game is advertised in inglewood. Can they even afford PS3s??? Maybe after he sells some of these billboards.

SmokingMonkey4319d ago

they will say "it's a little big planet"

Fishy Fingers4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Well if people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a LBP sign I'm sure they'll have no problems paying hundreds of dollars for a PS3 to actually play the game.

At least we can all agree now that LBP is certainly on of the biggest sign-sellers this year ;)

Megaton4319d ago

Damn, I want one of those things, but not bad enough to pay for it. Gotta keep an eye out when I'm roaming around the city.

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The story is too old to be commented.