Chromifox Makes Firefox Look Like Google Chrome

Like the look of Google Chrome but don't want to ditch Firefox? Try the Chromifox theme, a "coat of Chrome for Firefox."

Update: Use the "BugMeNot" add-on to bypass compulsory registration.

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Phoenix174321d ago

meh i'll pass
why bother if i already have both on my pc so yea...
firefox is still better chrome still has a lot of issues it needs to fixs to get my intrest

mt4321d ago

Firefox just won't stop owning other browsers.

vhero4321d ago

awesome! I love it and bugmenot is kick ass too!

Ro11z4321d ago

i like the look but its not a direct copy so its not for me :(
really do love the chrome look aswell :(

Droid4321d ago

you're cool how you get into the latest fads.

Macbeth4320d ago

I can understand why you would want to skin firefox. I can understand why you would wanna switch from a browser like Internet Explorer. But both Google Chrome and Firefox are both pretty great browsers in and of themselves.

If you really like Google Chrome enough to want to skin firfox to resemble google chrome, then why don't you just download google chrome?

Unless of course your a die hard Firefox fan, but the way Chrome was built, I can see Mozilla doing something similar in future releases.

Just my two cents...

verb3k4320d ago

Some users just can't live without AdBlock Plus and BugMeNot and many other add-ons. This is something Chrome doesn't have (and will not have it any time soon.) Google makes revenue out of ads, which means it won't promote ad blocking functionality because they don't want to kill the chicken that lays the golden egg.