Games32: Spore - Game Review

Games32 writes: "From a basic, single cell organism, to a more complex being with a brain, passing through the tribal RTS stage, going through the civilization stage where you have to dominate your whole planet, and finally finding your way in space amongst thousands of different alien species and becoming the master of the galaxy, while giving the evolution of a wink on your way - welcome to the world of Spore.

Now don't think this will be easy, but Will Wright and his team of designers made sure that this process is in fact a lot easier than the actual evolution process."

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radio0o4319d ago

finally an accurate score. this game is like crysis, so much hype surrounding it just because of some gimmick (graphics, or a weird concept) but then when you play it it actually kinda sucks.

Tomdc4319d ago

y do u commend it for being an accurate review but then say the game sucks when the review score is good? lol

I love the game personally =)

TheIneffableBob4319d ago

Reviews are mostly opinions. Different people have different opinions.

I personally love the game.