Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is flamed at receives 7/10

Taken from review:

"While Mercenaries 2 is a fun game it just feels entirely unfinished. It's almost as if Pandemic worked on the game for about 10 months got sidetracked doing something more important (clipping their toe nails maybe) and just decided to release the alpha code."

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sonyfanonly5387d ago

first off if you liked MERCS 1 you will love MERCS 2 the MERCENARIES franchise has builded up a library of FANS ( like myself) and to say that MERCS 2 is not fun is just dissing video games all together buy MERCS 2. perferably the ps3 version cause you dont have to worry about getting RED RING OF DEATH when you call in the NUKE