For Honor E3 2015 vs 2016 PS4 Alpha Graphics Comparison

"Check this E3 2015 vs 2016 PS4 Alpha Graphics comparison of For Honor - a brand new IP from Ubisoft"

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Xzviur_Azai1589d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Good ol ubisoft at it again lol!

** Oh wow heh looks like Ubi is getting ready to win some hearts now simply because the actual game doesn't look anywhere as downgraded as many of their other titles. Congrats Ubi!

Seriously though, yeah the game looks great but the little details kill things sometimes, maybe not for you but definitely for me.

SoulMikeY1589d ago

Other than the flames it looks great.

cyckiewicz1589d ago

I'd say we finally get true reveal, not that bullshot videos like we used to :) Bravo Ubisoft!

Utalkin2me1589d ago


Maybe you should stop assuming and actually watch the video and realize its fairly spot on for the most part. And in most cases the alpha footage looks better then the reveal. Color me impressed.

Onenyte1589d ago

dude I have to agree with you , when they showed the first still on the slider , i thought the 2016 shot was better and surprised

Erik73571589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

It looks better than e3 and in the cases it doesn't its because its a ps4 not a pc.

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Genuine-User1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

A Ubisoft game showcasing an upgrade from their E3 showing? The end is near.

YinYangGaming1589d ago

I didn't notice any upgrade? However, I didn't notice any significant downgrades, only very minor details. Glad to see it's still running well and looking gorgeous.

Genuine-User1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Almost everything either looks better or at least on par, aside from the fire effects.

Benchm4rk1588d ago

I must not of watched the same video then. I'd have to agree with YinYang. Not a huge downgrade like other Ubi games in the past but it was definitely not better. Fire detail was dropped so was shadow and smoke effects. Detail on tree line and hills in the distance were reduced. Texture details were reduced but only very slightly. Lighting was also reduced. Can notice when he is indoors running up the stairs and the lighting effects and glare was reduced alot on the 2016 build over the E3 reveal. It was alot better then Ubisoft past games but E3 2015 build definitely had more effects and details in scenes.

extermin8or1588d ago

It's an alpha.... What was shown at E3 would have been polished as it's for a trade show.....

Berenwulf1588d ago

Upgrade? Compare the tree's in the background and the plants on the walls... Clearly E3 was prerendered and the new videos are actually in game.

TWB1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I wouldnt say upgrade, but its certainly not a downgrade either. Looks like standard optimization of graphical effects and such.

The two things that I would say were downgraded, were the fire/trail effects and maybe the lighting but only very slightly. The previous footage had a more soft and natural look to it, but now its more yellowish.

On the upside, it seems that they have slightly more vibrant color grading, and little bit more sharper image (looking at the woods in the first few seconds)

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InMyOpinion1589d ago

Is this PC vs PC, or PC vs console?

In any case the game looks and performs great (on PS4 at least). I was actually surprised with the visuals and animations. The alpha is very enjoyable.

cyckiewicz1589d ago

both are on PS4. There is "X" button icon visible in one of stills from 2015 :)

1589d ago
Erik73571589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

No lol....they use ps4 controller/xbox controller when demoing it at e3 or whatever show convention while still playing it on pc :)

You do know xbox controllers/ps4 controllers connect to pc and are useable for almost every game right?
Buy hey developers know cyckiewicz will be tricked by this tactic and will think what he is seeing is ps4 footage but actually pc when they demo it to the public.

TWB1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Edit. Scratch that, I remembered wrong.

Button prompts still barely mean anything in prerelease footage.

extermin8or1588d ago

The alpha is ps4 footage. The E3 footage.. Who knows it could be either.

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mrmonk1589d ago

I think it looks nice and it's lots of fun me & my mate's are enjoying it can't wait now for full game.

InMyOpinion1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Playing with friends is the way to go. I find it frustrating playing solo. Wish there was a proper training mode in the alpha.

zen_hydra1588d ago

What do you mean by a proper training mode? You could play the training session with any of the available characters and keep practicing until you got bored or felt familiar enough. I'm sure there will be a deeper training option in the final game, and it will probably help you learn combos and advanced techniques.

InMyOpinion1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

@zen_hydra - You were only able to pull off prompted moves in the alpha training mode. I'd like to be able to try all moves, feats etc on a dummy or soldier.

Loved it anyways. Very deep and rewarding combat. Had so much fun playing Warden and countering poor Orochi players to death. :)

sullynathan1589d ago

Wish I could be playing the alpha now, been hearing lots of good things about this game.

camel_toad1589d ago

Yep me too. Signed up the day they revealed it at e3 last year but never got an alpha invite. Bummer.

extermin8or1588d ago

Got an invite but for some reason can't access my code -_-

Goldby1586d ago

i got an invite from my friend and when i went to register for it it kept refreshing the webpage

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