Xbox 360 included in pimped out toilet

In perhaps the strangest promotion ever, Roto Rooter is running a contest to win the ultimate toilet. Yeah, you read that right. Like something Tim Taylor would build on Home Improvement, the toilet includes an Xbox 360, flat screen HDTV, iPod with dock, TiVo, DVD player (no HD-DVD?), laptop, bull horn, bike pedals (?), beer tap, and a fridge. As Roto Rooter calls it, it really is a "seat of power."

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Kololo5242d ago

I know this has nothing to do with anything, but...

Eeeew, a fridge?!

Scrumptious5242d ago

...that they used a PS3 as the urinal-cake.

EaziG5241d ago (Edited 5241d ago )

the fridge is there to the put the 360 in when it overheats every 10 minutes.

EaziG5241d ago (Edited 5241d ago )

ps, i agree with haha, best place for it.

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