Ghost Recon Advance Warrior 2 Gameplay trailers

Check out the first ingame footage of Ghost Recon Advance Warrior 2.

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TheMART5863d ago

Hell yeah the airsupport I love that blowup in a freakin' major way damnnnn

candystop5863d ago

Those explosions were off the chain! This game is going to provide a very deep experience! I wonder when it's expected to be released and how they got it up and running so quick?

PS360PCROCKS5863d ago

advance warrior? never heard of um yes this game looks fantastic so far

big_tim5863d ago

Definitely an improvement from the games out there. The cross-com improvements look excellent. I will have to trade in the first one and get this when it comes out in March.

Like Mart said, those air strikes are impressive.