Team Xbox: NHL 09 Review

It's really hard to imagine sports fans not finding a game mode or an aspect of NHL 09 that they enjoy; classic controls and the Be A Pro mode give opportunities for the more casual players to go about a hockey game in a slightly different fashion. You don't even have to be a psychotic hockey fan to enjoy NHL 09; just a fan of sports in general and of solid Xbox 360 software. Of course pick this one up if you live and breathe the NHL hockey season, but NHL 09 is also worth a look by those that are still searching for that killer, HD-era sports application.

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MAR-TYR-DOM4323d ago

i will repeat "NHL is EA's best sports franchise" ... two years running!
E3 Sports game of the show. Also add sports game of the year with that as well!

KobeT244323d ago

Demo was pretty sexy, but im not much of a hockey fan. Good to see its not half assed just to make some cash. See what taking your time does?

FCOLitsjustagame4323d ago

I am very stoked for this game. I love hockey but have put off getting a next gen hockey game. I loved the demo and am looking forward to digging into the full game.