The Fail List: Games That Won't Survive Christmas

The drought has officially broken for gamers. This upcoming Christmas is set to be one of heartbreak for many as tough decisions are made as to which titles will make it into the collection and which will have to wait or become a weekend rental.

GamerChip gives you a view on what many will see as a controversial list of the titles that are likely to Hit of Fail this Christmas.

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UltimateIdiot9114316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

This list fail, no little big planet.

@lol, no problem, that's better.

Coltrain4316d ago

Thanks for the proofreading... Mentioned in the article, missed it in the list.

Coltrain4316d ago

hehe, thanks, this place can be brutal about things like that!

Hububla4316d ago

Rock band being a fail.... ?? how is that even possible... sure GH will sell just cuz its GH but rockband will sell even better then it did before.. and maybe its just me.. but it didnt fail last time... plus there is the fact that you have to buy all new drums,guitar and mic for GH while RB all you need to buy is the disk.. i wont be buying GH and im sure im not the only one who changed sides to RB

badz1494316d ago

do you know how much it will cost for the full Rock Band experience down there? it will cost around the price of a brand new 360! there, can you can see now why it will fail? it's too damn expensive for a game!

Immortal Kaim4316d ago

badz is right. Rockband Au = fail. I think it was like $500+ for the whole pack, more than a new 360 console. GH has the market tied up down here.

RememberThe3574316d ago

Not from what I've seen. I hope Mirrors Edge is good though, I'm looking foreword to that.

Dark General4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Not a bad list. But having Fracture on the must have list is shaky to me. It looked good at E307 but as it's been getting updated it's looked less and less appealing to me.

I'm actually buying Mirrors Edge over Fallout 3 (commence stone throwing). The third person perspective looks like ass to me, better than Oblivions yeah but still looks sucky. I wish Fallout 3 actually had a isometric view and wasn't looking like a FPS firstly with some rpg elements. Mirrors Edge on the other hand looks to be another nice breath of fresh air like last year with Portal. The story might be a little bland (government rules with a iron fist/conspiracy theory) but the gameplay looks awesome to me. Something different than what the genre is known for.

Montrealien4316d ago

Fail of the week? this list.

godofthunder104316d ago

i agree except on 1 thing.I think that LBP is over rated and just a kids game and it want do as well as people thinks

JsonHenry4316d ago

Stalker is already a hit (over seas anyway, not released here as of yet), Crysis Warhead probably wont make it huge at first, but like most PC games will sell millions over the shelf life of the game much like Crysis has so far. Personally, these two games are already on pre-order for me. So I guess I am biased.

Bioshock PS3 WILL BE A HIT. Certainly.

The rest I would have to say I agree. Although I really want Silent Hill to be so great it is a sleeper hit.

And I did not see games like Dead Space, Command and Conquer Red Alert 3, or WoW : Wrath of the Lich King.

waltercross4316d ago

I'm glad they put LBP on the Hits list, I Think that
game will do wonders, people just play it off as a kids
game yet nobody says why do they think it's a kids game.
I Guess some people always want blood.

Silent Hill I think will do better then some people
expect but It won't be a Hit nor a failure, It's
on both Consoles and has a huge fan base.

masterg4315d ago

Pure: Fail
MotorStorm: Hit

I'm saying this after comparing the Pure demo with MotorStorm 1.

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sak5004316d ago

I'd swap fracture for Force unleashed. Kind of SW fan and i dint like the fracture gameplay vids recently. THe whole shaping of the ground will quickly lose its appeal. The ground acts more like cloth than something solid. I believe R2 and Gears2 will alone destroy all other titles.

zo6_lover274316d ago


Are you actually saying something nice about a ps3 exclusive? O.O

Coltrain4316d ago

I'd love a great Star Wars game too... This one have gotten mixed reviews, sounds a bit kiddie and reviewers have lost interest pretty quickly. Fracture might have an ordinary single player game, but I can see some amazing tournament matches coming out of terraforming the battlefield... It's all predictions anyway, but an interesting discussion topic. Thanks for the sensible and thoughtful response btw.

sak5004316d ago


WEll no one can deny the fact that the biggest shooter for PS3 will be R2 this year and Gears2 for 360. I may act all fanboish bcuz i'm tired of seeing every 360 news get raped by the ps3 defence force. THeir only excuse is that 360 owners did the same thing last year and year before. Well at that time there was hardly any positive news for ps3 so they were all going with the news. But since early this year, these SDF have multiplied like anything and mar all the news posts irrespective of the topic by bashing 360.

Should they just let it be than i'm sure most other people will lay back as well.

Beast_Master4315d ago

What about Far cry 2, PoP, COD and Lord O Rings Conquest not to mention the wii titles all 3 of them? Hits or Fail. I don't see Brothers in Arms being a Hit especially with COD:[email protected] coming out. And I don't think Fracture will be a hit either bc there is no hype at all for this game. Mirror's Edge has a far better chance of being a hit than Fracture and BroInArms.

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Sony Rep4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I think Mirrors Edge might be a sleeper hit.

It's definitely unique enough to generate interest, and it looks like tons of fun. You also give no real reasons as to why it fails, loser. Everything we've seen all looks great!

DLC+ Better version= PS3/= 360!

Stickguy2594316d ago

It's funny how insecure you are in your own console that you have to put an anti- Xbox comment in your post for no reason.

Wildarmsjecht4316d ago

I dunno..this summer was pretty good in terms of game releases..not nearly as bad as past summer droughts.

TheColbertinator4316d ago

I remember the Summer drought of 2004 which before GTA:San Andreas and Halo 3 came out.The only interesting title in those 3 months was Rainbow Six:Black Arrow

TheColbertinator4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Nice picture

edit:Who keeps disagreeing with me? Did I do something wrong,officer?

Dyingduck4316d ago

Should be on the FAILS list

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4316d ago

That Main photo looks like a Perverted Santa Claus!!! ;-D

'You DO want a xBox 360 this xMas little boy, Take it!!! Take it!!! We need your xBox LIVE Yearly TAX!!!' ;-D
'I want LBP tho, Santa, not Banjo-Crap'Ooo'Wee!!!' ;-D

KBDuB4315d ago

Lol. You're such a.. dumbass. But, you made me laugh. =)