Edge: Gaming's Biggest Flip-Flops

Edge writes: "It is often said that the only thing that remains constant is change, and rarely will anything better exemplify this than the videogame industry. Driven by a perpetual technological arms race along with continual software innovations, the business will often shoot past the viewpoints of those standing in it. It is in this environment that promises can end quickly, quotes can turn abruptly and policy can age rapidly. The following ten turnarounds show that no quote is safe from an ever-morphing business. In certain cases, they show that some people aren't safe from themselves. "

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OuterHaven3692d ago

Almost half the things in here are PS3 related. If i am not wrong , didn't they take back the PSP battery thing, saying it is the same as before, if i am not mistaken. The metal gear one is just plain dumb imo.Let the god work his magic.

Conan9973692d ago

For everybody who posted

This story is about FLIP FLOPPING

or the act of CHANGING YOUR MIND

all of these are OH i'm gonna do this, and then doing something different, not being hyped and flopping because of a poor game.

Hideo did say he wanted to quit after MGS2 but I always welcome his games.

Real Gambler3692d ago

At least, 9 out of those 10 "flops" didn't cost any money. Only one of them costed 1 billion...

Cheeseknight283692d ago

The article says FLIP-FLOPS, not FLOPS! There's a huge difference there, if you'd actually go out of your way and pay attention!

Flip-flop: When someone/something changes their mind
Flop: When something fails

See the difference? This goes to just about everyone under me as well.

MAR-TYR-DOM3692d ago

Edge are the biggest fanboy magazine you can read!

ravinshield3692d ago

its not their fault FONY is a stupid company claiming things and doing the opposite

MAR-TYR-DOM3692d ago

"Hype brings the worst out in people."
how ironic hmmm? Halo 3 10/10 GTA4 10/10 and MGS4 8/10?
EDGE = M$ b1tch
and about hedeo kojima making MGS3 and 4, well dont blame him, we gamers don't want amazing franchises to end when there is more to experience.

ShinMaster3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

What the hell is this!?

Is this website even legit?
Who cares if the PSP battery is the same? The new PSP is an improvement over the previous ones. How is this a flop?

Is Phil Harrison a game? How did that affect gaming?

And how in the **** are Metal Gear Solid sequels supposed to be flops!!!???
Are they bad things!?

Does this article even make sense!?

pwnsause3692d ago

WTF is this SH*t? Seriously? How did this get approved? Sorry Mods, but seriously?

ChickeyCantor3692d ago

Come on, he does have some good ones between them.
You is mad because of number 1.
But he does have a point =D

ShinMaster3692d ago

How are Metal Gear sequels bad in any way!? How was that the #1 flop on their list!?
Does that even make sense!?

pwnsause3692d ago

yea ok, he always says that this is his last Metal Gear, But people change their minds all the time. IF there is something that you like so much thats special to you, go back to it.

Now you made me take out sports players that have done this over the years, particularly 2:

Michael Jordan

Brett Farve

ChickeyCantor3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Look at all the disagrees.
I never said its BAD, i only said its true that:
The guy keeps saying he is finished with the franchise.

I know that people change their mind but =P kojima...he is just weird xD.

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ChickeyCantor3692d ago

" "Customers do not want online games" "
Still hate them for making F-zero GX an offline game...-_-...
So many possibilities especially knowing the fact that the N64 version in japan had a Level editor >_>...Bastards.

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