X-Play Spore Review (5/5)

Life find a way in the latest uber-sim from Will Wright and EA, Spore for the PC. Life find a way in the latest uber-sim from Will Wright and EA, Spore for the PC.

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Zip3692d ago

I find it hard to belive that it is that good, from what Ive seen and heard, a 8 hour long gameplay ect. wont make it up for that

Dr Pepper3692d ago

Perhaps you should try playing a game before calling it overrated. That is generally a better way to reach an opinion about a game than just basing it off of what you have "seen and heard".

Lumbo3691d ago

I have been playing all weekend, and sorry, but spore (the game) is shallow

The creature creator is kinda nifty, but contrary to the advertising NOTHING you do changes anything on your look. The whole evolution part is a big fat joke.

The only thing that changes is your .. erm .. government type, as in religious or military or trader etc ..

cell phase : boring flow clone
creature phase: kinda interesting the first time, but horribly repetitive, have fun doing exactly the same thing x times .. NOT
tribe phase: bad RTS wannabe game, even more repetitive than the creature phase, best way to manage: simply exterminate everyone and be done with it. Path finding is broken many times, tribesman getting stuck on trees, buildings and whatever, enemy AI is not there, the enemy repeatedly sends over HALF of his force to attack you, to be wiped out at once so you can then go and wipe out the other half without a problem

Civilization phase: ugh, completely unbalanced once you captured one enemy city. The bonus weapons blast anything away. no build time for units: instant unlimited backup, the AI has no chance, if there was an AI to start with ... read: the AI is horrible

the only phase that seems to be finished as a GAME is the space phase.
But that one gets bad later on when you can hardly move without some random event stopping you, yay another horde of space pirates raid your colony x, yay another meteoroid strike at colony y, yay .. *yawn*

Sorry, but Spore is NOT a 10:10 game, it may qualify for a 10:10 gimmick, but the actual gameplay is very very shallow

Combine that with the retarded limited activation SecuROM garbage i now have a "game" that i wanted so much, but that managed to fail for me, and now i have one expensive coaster cause of the stupid activation locking(as in: no way to sell it used).

kingme713691d ago

I haven't played it so I can't judge, but XPlay has had added a "Will Wright Minute" segment to their show which pretty much assures you they will rate this game high.

Droid3691d ago

I should care, but...I just don't.