Novastrike Update Brings Trophies…Right Now

Playstation Blog: Hey folks -
I'll keep this one short - the NOVASTRIKE update is finally out. Again, highlights of the update include trophies, tamed difficulty modes, customizable controls, XMB playlist support, and more.

Wooooo!!! More trophies!!

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UNCyrus3693d ago

If you read the free update that is attached to this trophy update, this game is really worth the money for it. They added more difficulties and basically expanded the game twice over.

Anyways... I also wouldn't be surprised if there was a demo for this game come Thursday. *crosses fingers*

Pesico3693d ago

It won't be a demo on thursday. The developer has said they are now working on releasing it in europe. Then they might work on a demo after that. Tiki games is a very small company. If I'm not mistaken, only two people work there.

UNCyrus3693d ago

Well, for only having two people working there, they're doing better than Activision with releasing trophies, when they have over 100 people working under them. *sigh* This is just proof that it doesn't really take that long to implement trophies into a game's architecture. And, Novastrike didn't previously have any kind of rewards or unlockables that they could easily translate into trophies, so big ups to them!

2-man team FTW... From now on I'm referring to Tiki games as the co-op dev's. ^_^

QueefyB_Angelitos3693d ago

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