Why Playdead's Inside is the best Indie of 2016

It was a long time coming, but Inside proves itself as the best indie experience of 2016 so far. The Quit or Continue crew explain why in this podcast review

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HereThereBeGamers1502d ago

It's The Witness or Inside for me. Can't really see beyond them for GOTY either, no triple-A doing it for me this year yet. Not grabbed Deus Ex as yet though.

SCW19821502d ago

Not best indie best game period.

Pandamobile1502d ago

Absolutely my favourite indie title of 2016. The atmosphere alone had me enthralled from the get-go and the puzzle solving is really satisfying.

YinYangGaming1502d ago

Couldn't agree more, enthralling from start to finish.

Kashima1502d ago

Furi is my best 2016 indie.