PTGamers: Spore Review

Will Wright, the brilliant minds responsible for some of the greatest classics of the leisure industry is back with his new job - Spore. No one was indifferent to the various titles of simulation, since the building of the cities of SimCity or tingling of SimAnt, but The Sims is certainly his most recognized work. After all, this is the best-selling game ever, and counting…

If The Sims was a project initially looked aside and fight to see the light of day, until the success, it has not happened with Spore. The designer had enough credits to use its imagination and create something (again) revolutionary. And Spore is probably one of the more ambitious games that we could try, not only along its production, with ideas that left the community of players to suspirar, but ultimately is confirmed: Spore is a milestone in the industry. It is a game with obvious references and tributes to different kinds, linked by a thread logical and easy assimilation.

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