Black Desert Online Now Available At Its Lowest Price Ever

A huge sale is going on for Black Desert Online.

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brich2331835d ago

Just bought it, it includes the full game and also 3 guest passes that last 7 days each.

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Mystogan1835d ago

If you have a spare guest pass. I'd love to have one.

GrimmyReaper1835d ago

So how's that pop in?
Seriously, N64 games didn't have it this bad.

susanto12281835d ago

The POP in is real even with a Nvidia GTX 1080 a tree will just appear in front of you and the NPC's are all shadowy black until you get close to them. No to mention all the disconnects with this garbage game.

brich2331834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

It is ridiculous, I'm glad i only payed 10$. Graphics look really good but only when you are not moving!

GrimmyReaper1834d ago


And before anyone says that I put graphics over gameplay, let me make one thing clear.

I do agree that gameplay goes before graphics but when the pop in is so horrendous that it takes me out of the game non stop then yeah. It is a problem. I'd rather then have something with "less impressive" graphics and far less noticeable pop in than BDO. In fact, the devs are the one who think high res textures are more important over technical design. I like the systems behind BDO, but the pop in is just ... no.

Just putting that out there.

susanto12281835d ago

Kakao reaks of desperation....they are hoping you guys will spend money on horse reskills, horse breed resetting, Pearls to buy costumes and resell them for in game silver. Listen NEW people STAY the hell a way from this P2W cashcow and let the whales have their fun. If you are a casual MMO player you need to stay away from this monstrosity. OH and BTW soon it will be F2P...this game has gone from B2P, P2W, and Subscription based with their Value Pack. I left the game with over 900 million in gold and I can't even give it away because THERE IS NO TRADING IN THE GAME. So no you can't have my stuff.