Fighting Spirit: What's in Store for the Fighting Genre?

Endsights writes:

"It's been over a month now that SoulCalibur IV has been out on store shelves, and while for some the soul may still burn, for others it's becoming a dim crackle in the grand scheme of all things. The fighting genre is no longer the darling, money-maker of the gaming industry, and its time as the most popular has come and gone along with the platforming genre."

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N4g_null3744d ago

You see nintendo is not killing hardcore gamer the actually gamers are. Seriously after watching the game trailer videos for SF4 I'm getting this on a PC and an arcade joystick set up. It's almost as if the new gamers don't value skill based gaming any more. I'm not sure why things are like this but they are. Maybe the fact that not many games can be skill based when you still have to deal with bad cameras and controls.