IGN: TNA iMPACT! Review & Video Review

Don't get IGN wrong, the control scheme is solid as well as a throwback to the wrestling games of old (so it's sure to appeal to a lot of people) and the Ultimate X Match is fun and provides for some good looking spots, but overall TNA iMPACT! ends up being a shallow game. It's not going to take you long to see everything this title has to offer and start dreaming about the sequel.

Presentation - 7.0
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 7.o
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 6.0
Overall -

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sonarus4322d ago

Whoa. I didn't even know the game was close enough to be reviewed. After all the noise coming from THQ i would have expected something better. Oh well.

Anyway THQ sucks and so does TNA. Wrestlers who left WWE for TNA just for more money were dumb and will rot in TNA. Kurt angle you will rot

Jamegohanssj54322d ago

You know this game is made by Failway and not THQ right?


bluecapone4322d ago

people with common sense knew that this tna game would fail because its made by midway

Jamegohanssj54322d ago

Damn I predicted a 5.0. I am pissed off, well it sucks either way. There's always a better failure next year lawl.


outlawlife4322d ago

i was actually rooting for this to be good because smackdown needs some competition, its like madden of wrestling

i didn't expect TNA to be good but I was still hoping it would happen...maybe there is hope in the UFC game

Solbadguy4322d ago

missing all the content thanks to dvd-9.

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