Disney's Move to Licensing Could Make Marvel vs. Capcom 4 a Reality

Take us for a ride Capcom!

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Hoffmann1742d ago

Eh..Capcom would just make it another dlc-fest. Make a Marvel vs DC game already and give the license to Netherrealm Studios.

gangsta_red1742d ago

"...give the license to Netherrealm Studios"

That would be a negative. Netherrealm would kill it with borrowed moves from MK, gratuitous, unnecessary violence and crappy in game gimmicks.

Their MK series is great for that because that's what it is but I am not a fan of their Injustice game or how they have handled DC so far.

Plus...could you imagine how awful their Marvel women would look??

Hoffmann1740d ago

There is nothing wrong with the women faces anymore, even Wonderwoman looks good now in Injustice 2, they fixed the fce from the alpha already.

LexHazard791740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Edit: Double post. Hahaha

Hoffmann1740d ago

Double answer because I love OBSOLETE stuff

LexHazard791740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I like MK but Netherrealm would just ruin MvC4. It doesnt fit their style fo fighters.

Ok, oh hell yeah man, Marvel vs DC! Im all for it.

Hoffmann1740d ago wouldnt and shouldnt be MVC. I was talking about a Marvel vs. DC game by them.

DevilVergilX1740d ago

Wait aren't netherrealm games littered with dlc too? Like stuff like "one button fatality"? Plus aren't Marvel and DC competing against each other? Why would DC want their studio to do a game with their competitors? Man don't mean you be rude but you sound like a retard...

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-Foxtrot1742d ago


A proper, well done Disney beat em up.

X-231740d ago

I wouldn't mind going for another ride there myself. Maybe this time they'll bring, Gambit along.

Darkfist_Flames1740d ago

I really dont care about this, but its gona be funny if theres another deal between capcom and sony and become ps4 exclusive and the fanboys start pretending they dont care about this game and praising KI lol.

LexHazard791740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I praise KI because it deserves it.
Its not like the crowd is missing out on SF either. Lol