Sarcastic Gamer: Pure, unadulterated demo impressions

Sarcastic Gamer writes: "Provided Lono hasn't changed the title of this article, I think it's a pretty clever one. Because it's an article about the demo of Pure, Disney Interactive Studio's new ATV off-road racer. it's not full of wishy-washy descriptions of things.I get straight to the point. See? Clever title.

Anyway, hit the jump for my Pure impressions. Pure, as I said above, is an off-road ATV (quad bike) racing game from the relatively unknown Black Rock Studio, published Disney Interactive Studios. Don't let the name of that publisher put you off though - this isn't exactly a reproduction of Beauty and the Beast in mud. To give you an idea of what it's like, imagine a PG-rated version of MotorStorm's quad bikes with less emphasis on the ragdoll physics and the fistfights. It's not too rough and so, as you might expect with the Disney brand name attached to it, it's got a nice universal appeal that means anyone can get into it. And anyone can."

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Blademask3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

This game is NOTHING like Motorstorm. Its just ATV stunts and racing. The demo is amazingly underwhelming, and I was literally laughing my ass off @ the "BLOOM" that these idiot developers use to fool non PS3-Owners into thinking that they are playing a "next gen multiplat".

This game has as much to do with 1 part of Motorstorm, as Sega Rally did. "Well if you take away everything that makes Motorstorm unique, thats kinda how this game is..another boring ass jump & trick game with meh-graphics and gameplay."

These guys need to leave motorstorm out of it, can't compete with it at all.

El_Colombiano3696d ago

Bubbles man, this game has NOTHING on Motorstorm!

ShinMaster3696d ago

PURE is basically another "ATV Off-Road Fury".

And you're right about the blooming light effects. In BioShock(not that it's a bad game) they used too much of it. Everything was dark, and a single dim light bulb will make the character glow. What's up with that.

I remember Uncharted making fun of this with the unlockable "next-gen filter" effect, in an exaggerated way.

wibble3696d ago

I don't really like ATVs, but there's no denying that the graphics in this game are incredible. Not only that but I actually enjoyed the racing in Pure despite the ATV theme.

But it's funny that somebody mentioned Uncharted. Because I do remember get the feeling that I was racing around an Uncharted level. :)

I'm not really impressed from what I've seen of Motorstorm 2 so far.

xg-ei8ht3696d ago

Anyone know if theres a demo coming out for pc as a friend of mine wants a go:)