Microsoft announces Halo Wars action figures

GamePro gets the scoop on upcoming Halo Wars action figures made by McFarlane Toys and licensed by Microsoft, arriving spring 2009.

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Blademask3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )


JOLLY13745d ago

Off topic much? So what do you think of the < (that means less than)action figures? You didn't comment at all about them.

staub913745d ago

I agree Microsoft is milking Halo dry...Most of my hardcore 360 fanboy friends dislike Halo now.

They moved on to Call of Duty 4 and Madden.

silverchode3745d ago

halo is fun if your 10-15 years old. most people play cod4 now.


Like milking wasn't enough, they also go on and make a real crap action figure... What the point in the official product being worse than McFarlane's?

SixZeroFour3745d ago

damn, there must be a hell of a lot of 10-15 years olds playing online to keep halo 3 on top

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cr33ping_death3745d ago

halo wars....halo....whats the difference?

Xlll3745d ago

what a shock this is......

SixZeroFour3745d ago

i dont know if its milking, but theyve been making action figures since halo combat evolved...before the other halos came out

but your right...its not like MGS made action figures for their games...oh wait, nvm that isnt true

but fantasy didnt make action figures for there game, right?!?!...umm..damn, cant say that either

what about mario...errrm...zelda?!?! damn, cant say that for any of those...oh well

i guess since ms is doing it for halo, it HAS to be milking...its alright if other do it though, as long as they dont go through 20 sequels then its not milking yet...but for halo, um...they can only go through 4...THEN ITS MILKING


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