New Resident Evil VII: Biohazard PlayStation Demo, Trailer Revealed

Explore more of the rundown Baker plantation in Capcom's upcoming Twilight Version demo for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, launching later today.

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Neonridr2337d ago

Explore more*

* one extra room


DragonDDark2335d ago

And handgun ammo in a box and under a bed. :)

Neonridr2333d ago

ok ok.. I get your point guys.. there's SOOOO much more to the demo, lol.

To be honest, I was hoping we were going to get the Lantern demo to try out instead, that looked awesome.

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S-Word2335d ago

Capcom just gets worse & worse. Releasing a 1st-person "Resident Evil" game (Layers of Outlast) and releasing an unfinished demo...Only to update it so it's STILL unfinished.

mac_sparrow2335d ago

Personally I think that this is an incredibly clever tactic, it's viral marketing using a video game demo.

Every time they update it now the subreddit is going to fire up again with more speculation. After the phone call I'm certain at this point that they have a roadmap of updates and unlocks leading up to release.

It's a clever way to build anticipation for the game and one of the most refreshing things I've seen Capcom do for quite some time.