American sales: PS3 beat 360 in August, says Pachter

VG247: Michael Pachter just posted his hardware sales estimates for August.

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Rick Astley3690d ago

Lol he's always wrong but he keeps going.

whoelse3690d ago

His predictions are worthless.

TheTwelve3690d ago

Ohhh...dangit. This means the 360 won this month. :( I hope Pachter is actually right this time around. :(


sonarus3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

With the PS3 and 360 numbers he has been wrong for like the past 4 months...except for MGS month.

I am going to make a prediction based on his that the 360 will outsell PS3 in August by a margin of 1000 units and Msoft will have a big party with a press release talking about number of achievements unlocked in the past 24hrs, DLC no one cares about bla bla bla yada yada ya

chaosatom3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Jump on the Bandwagon

SAY WHAT? U already did that. awwwww.

thePatriot3690d ago

it means 360 will outsell the ps3 and maybe wii also

nieto3690d ago

if the X360 beats the Wii on sales i stop commenting on N4G for ever.

BrotherNick3690d ago

Please let it happen console gods.

mikeslemonade3690d ago

VGchartz is more correct than Patcher. There is noway the gap is only 20,000 it should be 60,000 units atleast because it's been proven that the PS3 outsells the 360 by 20,000 units every week in America.

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Blademask3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

360 sold more.

Is this guy ever right?

I've been following the Amazon vs NPD trends and it is way more accurate the patcher. Considering the 360 just made it to the top 30 in the last couple weeks... I doubt it sold more last month, or will sell more this month until its able to topple the PS3. As far as hardware goes, i think its too late for MS to think that they are going to some how reinvigorate sales to a level that runs contrary to the fact that their market was hit early and maxed out within 3 years.

Lets take bets!

I say PS3 this month, and next month as well as the rest of the year.

Xi3690d ago

but my "analysis" says no... he's never right.

deeznuts3690d ago

He's always right ... after the numbers come out.

Funny thing is, I just checked, and so am I.

G1L3690d ago

I say PS3 comes out on top in August

BrotherNick3690d ago

I hope you get paid like he does lol.

King_many_layers3689d ago

there's next to no chance for Xbox selling more next month, we go from Socom, straight through to little big planet and then on to motorstorm. The sales are gonna really rack up for PS3 in october.

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cmrbe3690d ago

Just like VG. Patcher lately always predicts the opposite.

Mike Bowden3690d ago

If Pachter says 360 wins, you can bet PS3 did. Happens every month.

ICUP3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Damn it Pachter! stop jinking the ps3

said the 360 sold more.

EDIT: @ Mike Bowden

Read cmrbe post.

Mike Bowden3690d ago

He says PS3 sold 225k and 360 sold 200k