TeamXbox: Sacred 2: Multiplayer Reveal Preview

TeamXbox writes: "We recently had the opportunity to tell you more about Sacred 2: Fallen Angel– the up-and-coming RPG from German developer Ascaron. Some of you may already know of Ascaron from its work on the original Sacred for the PC; it received some mighty accolades in 2004, including PC Gamer's RPGOTY award.

While Sacred was a hot item for PC's in 2004, the Xbox 360 follow-up version known as Fallen angel is nicely following in its predecessor's large footsteps. Vast, seamless landscapes, interesting player characters, NPC's and monsters, and striking visuals are attributes of both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game that are sure to make Sacred 2 an RPG fan-favorite.

Just like any PC affair carried over to our beloved Xbox 360, there are going to be differences in the final products. Take the controls of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, for instance. The differences between a controller and a keyboard/mouse combination are great enough that Ascaron had to rethink how to get things done on the 360. For example, the clever slotting of a character's combat "arts" via the d-pad and face buttons (with bumper modifiers) is a suitable replacement for QWERTY keyboard inputs, and the left stick all but does away with pointing and clicking a mouse."

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