Official Final Fantasy XIII Poster at TGS

At the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, it looks like you can buy a Final Fantasy XIII poster featuring the artwork of Lightning shown on the official Japanese FFXIII site.

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mohib-uddin79865324320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

This is weird thats the same poster pic used on an a FF13 case for 360 in japan. it was put up for stand

Is FF13 gonna be annoucned for 360 in Japan at the TGS?

If so Square are complete liars becuase they said FF13 will abosultely "not" appear on 360 in Japan

Darkiewonder4320d ago

or it could be store owners displaying boxes without knowing?

Somnus4320d ago

That box in Japan was made by a shopkeeper, happy that the it would be coming to 360. He didn't realise that it wasn't going to be in Japan.

nieto4320d ago

they said the same thing about FFXIII staying exclusive to the ps3...

business is business. if they think they could make more money launching the game in japan they gonna do it.

Bonsai12144320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

i agree with the guy above me. square began to go down hill after the merger with enix. squaresoft was where it was at.

but of course, most of the people here probably didn't play games when square was squaresoft..

argh.. ninja'ed. i agree with the person above the person above me

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mohib-uddin79865324320d ago

If FFXIII gets announced for 360 in Japan then Square-Enix are the biggestliars ever

TheColbertinator4320d ago

That's business man.That's how things are

Solid_Snake6664320d ago

i agree with steven..if i was Squere Enix i would go multi plat too more money for meee