COD3 Free Bonus Map Hits Marketplace

FREE! "Champs" is an exclusive new multiplayer map that brings CLASSIC Call of Duty infantry-based combat to Port Royal des Champs, a war-torn French farm town. The map's compact design is perfect for small and medium-sized team games in online, split-screen, and System Link play, or crank up the intensity with 24-player mayhem. A country road snakes across the landscape from a private chateau to a heavily battered cathedral. Vast wheat fields, hidden ravines, and blown-out buildings provide endless tactical opportunities for squads or lone soldiers to flank the enemy with stealth. Experience explosive action like never before in this free Bonus Map!

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TheMART5437d ago


First the Gears new maps for free
Now COD3 a map for free.

Keep them coming guys XBL is the best premium service ever. Hey Sony guys did you get the free map on COD3 also?

zonetrooper55437d ago

This is good news and i have already downloaded the new Gears of War maps. I shall download them later on today.

death monk5437d ago

I'm on live and I don't see any new maps. If they're free when they come out though, I can wait for sure.

BIadestarX5437d ago

Major Nelson said that posting it on his site today was a mistake and it should be available tomorrow.

Bullseye5437d ago

Decent games? still, shouldn't scoff, its FREE!

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The story is too old to be commented.