Should Microsoft get into the PC hardware business?

I really enjoyed watching this recent interview with Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich on Microsoft's TechNet Edge. He covers a wide range of topics, but the one that got my attention is a two-minute snippet near the end, when the interviewer asks whether Mark feels that Microsoft needs to make its own desktop hardware. (If you want to see and hear this discussion for yourself, skip ahead to the 34:03 mark in the video.)

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red_ring_of_death4323d ago

red ring of death on the PC is next

morganfell4323d ago

Let's see, they want to bring their inability to manufacture good hardware to PCs? What the hell? Aren't they content with currently causing 90% of all PC crashes and now they want the other 10% too?

Justin Long is busy enough with his current commercials and I really don't care to see Apple paying him to yap about hardware too.