Shelved Silent Hill Game Surfaces

Climax Studios was once working on another Silent Hill title, which would've been a unique, tense open-world horror experience.

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KeeseToast2334d ago

F**K Konami! Silent Hill is one of the greatest Horror IPs in existence and waht do fans get? A fucking Pachinko piece of shit. I just want a proper new Silent Hill. Even Homecoming and Downpour have been better than nothing.

xMANB3ARP1G2334d ago

What are the outher 2 they are talking about at the end I know pt and this but they said 4

FloydianAndroid2334d ago

Silent hill 1 & 2 are the best survival horror games ever imo. So much better than any resident evil game.

gangsta_red2333d ago

Meh...after 1 thru 3 the rest of the SH games have been mediocre.

Skillz12152333d ago

silent hill the room was underrated