Top 10 Wii Games for Holiday 2008

After a somewhat underwhelming showing at this year's E3, Nintendo fans may feel a bit alienated by Nintendo's catering to the casual gaming market. However, Wii owners shouldn't fret, as the system will offer hardcore Nintendo fans some exciting games this holiday season. Here's a look at some promising games shipping for the Wii before year's end.

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AWBrawler3745d ago

This time they have Dawn of the new world, but no Animal crossing. I personally would say Dawn of the new world is #1 on that list, but I know it is a nintendo console, and that Wario Land does look pretty fun, so I know its gonna sell better, I just hope Dawn of the new world sells at least a cool 2 mil. I know Animal crossing is gonna have about 20 Mil sold by the end of this console run. Quote me on that!

Parapraxis3744d ago

Sam and Max: Season 1, Wario Land: Shake It! and maybe Guitar Hero World Tour?
I feel bad for Wii owners, and if I was one i'd be pissed. Maybe look at some of the games already out for it intead?

AWBrawler3744d ago

Those games you name are pretty fun. How many games do you need? Heck and with the list of games already out, the Wii has ahefty list of games for people who like the style of games that nintendo fans normally like. We aren't exactly FPS heavy like all the 360 and PS3 fans.

So I doubt any Wii gamer who owns only a Wii, is having trouble finding games to play.
I just recently downloaded the original paper mario, cause I never played it before, I kinda recently got Zack and wiki and have yet to beat it, its hard, and I plan to get Nights, Super Paper Mario, mario super strikers, mario supersluggers, RE: Umbrella chronicles, one piece, top spin 3, and Harvest moon.

Plus that Tomb raider game I hear is okay.

jtucker783744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Don't bother with RE: UC. It's terrible.
If you haven't already, get RE4 instead - It's great.

If you've already beaten RE4, I still wouldn't bother with RE:UC.

radio0o3744d ago

horrible line up for wii, feel bad for wii gamers this holiday season. hope they have a ps3 or something

AWBrawler3744d ago

I say the same thing everytime i see the PS3 or 360 line up of over hyped FPS crap that gets low scores, but to each its own. You guys obviously love those type of games, as Wii fans love variety. My current list consist of:
Zack and Wiki
Smash bros. Brawl
Battalion Wars 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 08
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Resident Evil 4
Mario Kart Wii
Metroid Prime Corruption
Mario Galaxy
No More Heroes
DBZ:Budokai Tenka' ichi 3
The GodFather Blackhand edition
Bully: Scholarship edition

Plus I downloaded Lost winds and Gyrostar

How are we not satisfied. if this is what it means to have a sucky library, let it continue to Suck!!

Parapraxis3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Little Big Planet, Motorstorm 2, Wipeout HD, Buzz! Quiz TV, Dead Space, Pro Evo Soccor 2009, Singstar Vol2, Lord Of The Rings: Conquest, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Valkyria Chronicles, Prince of Perisia Prodigy, Tekken 6, Fat Princess, Eternal Sonata, Jeapordy, Velvet Assassin, Mirror's Edge, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix, Tomb Raider: Underworld, and Rock Band 2 are all FPS games?

wow, thanks for the info i thought that they were a diverse range of varying games that i'll be sure to enjoy this holiday season.

These are the NON-FPS games i'm looking forward to on PS3 BTW. Not games already out.

So I ask you, of what Wii has lined up for the rest of '08, what entices YOU?

Sony Rep3744d ago

Shut the hell up with that pathetic list of games. I would seriously kill myself if I only owned a wii. Nintendo sucks.

BrotherNick3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I don't think that most people really care except the people who thought they were going to get hardcore games on the wii. Anyways that'd be pathetic if you killed yourself over a console, it's probably good that you spend all your time in solitude playing your PS3. All those friends online, you're quite the popular one. ;)

AWBrawler3744d ago

I said when i open magazines i see overhyped FPS. and Buzz and jeopardy shouldn't be on that list unless i can add the mario party and olympic games. I'm not comparing to the PS# never said i was, I'm just saying for gamers who have only the wii. Theses are all games that are currently out now that they can play and be satisfied. Now i can dig in my bag o' games and pull a list of upcoming titles too. Again not a comparison, just showing that Wii gamers have a lot of games that they like on trheir system.

P.S. I'm a little intrigued by LBP and wanna try it out, though I know Animal Crossing will outsell it hands down, but that doesn't mean its better, just more popular.

Voiceofreason3744d ago

AWBrawlers list is of games out right now for Wii. Parapraxis or whatever had to list games coming for the next two years.. Thats not really comparable. I could list off way more games than that coming out in the next two years for Wii as well. It's telling that PS3 fans seem to be the most upset with Wii and all its casual games but then their own lists are filled with casual games as well. We should be upset about Conduit, Madworld, Punch Out, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero 4, Fatal Frame 4, etc but PS3 owners can be excited for Sing star,LBP,Fat Princess, and Jeopardy....

Parapraxis3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

"AWBrawlers list is of games out right now for Wii."
Yeah I know that. However this article is about games coming by the end of the year for Wii. ALL the games I listed will be out by years end.
The point was in the next 4 months there are far far more games coming to PS3 than Wii.

Games already out that are awesome and not FPS AND highly rated?
MGS4, Uncharted, Motorstorm, Super Stardust HD, Burnout Paradise, Singstar, GTA4, Soul Caliber 4 to name a few.

This is about the upcoming holiday season. Maybe you can let me know what to be excited for on Wii aside from what I already said in the 2nd post.

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Old Snake3744d ago

Wow what a pathetic list. De Blob is the only interesting, unique game on there. Castlevania a fighting game?? Are they stupid? The other games are multi and don't use the wii in any interesting way. Seriously that list is just bad. They didn't even have Mad World on it.

BrotherNick3744d ago

Tales is not, it's a true sequel to the one on gamecube. And skate it will be something like an arcade game which will be great. I don't know about you guys, but I barely spend 50 dollars a month on games.

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