Rumor: Tons of Information about Peter Jackson's Halo Project

Recently, a few gaming sites have picked up a ton of information about Peter Jackson's unnamed Halo project from some supposedly very good sources. The sources that are said to be very close to Microsoft have dropped much information related to the project including the fact that the main character is a female Spartan and the date the game will be announced.

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Well the two that stand out from the books are Kelly and Linda.

Linda is a sniper extraodinaire who is unmatched in distance killing - the bit in the books where she takes out 3 banshee pilots is awesome!

Kelly is unrivaled when it comes to speed and was the fastest of the Spartans.

Female/Male Spartans are all trained the same and are as bad ass as each other - though some excel in different areas.

Master Chief for instance had a never say die attitude and great leadership from a young age......

Most importantly he was born Lucky - i digress,sorry!

Blademask3719d ago

They are the same guy that made the dancing XBOX1 robot? Anyone remember that..

So Halo- is definitely still buzzing around. MS is being hush hush with it though.

Michael Jackson3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

"And since Master Chief never talks, it would seem as though we’re playing with the same character."

Man, are you kidding me?? Master Chief never talks?! What the heck?! This article is so lame. All you need to do is play at least one Halo game to know that he does talk! LAME LAME LAME!!!

Look, I can write a better rumor than this article.
Rumor: The title of Peter Jackson's Halo Project will be...


JOLLY13719d ago

I can't wait to see what some of the finished cut-scenes are going to look like in an upcoming release.

Reibooi3719d ago

I would love to see a Female spartan lead and the reason they give for it not being probable is BS. This is going to be a Peter Jackson It's safe to say there is going to be far more dialog then the Halo games we have seen thus far. The whole TGS thing makes no sense either. Japan does not care about Halo so unveiling it there is pointless.

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