NZGamer: Final Fantasy IV Review

NZGamer writes: "Final Fantasy IV is without a shadow of a doubt the best of Square Enix's latest hand-held remakes. Originally released in 1991 on the Super Nintendo, it is to this day praised for its emotional narrative and epic plot with one of the best combat systems a Final Fantasy has seen. On the Nintendo DS, the core turn-based gameplay remains much the same but it's the graphics and some minor flourishes that make it earn its title as a remake. Despite the lack of changes to the core game, Final Fantasy IV is as engaging as it ever was.

The story goes that a once just king has become maddened and is on a campaign to secure a collection of mystical crystals and - as you'd expect - destroy the world. I guess it's just what bad dudes wanna do. Though this will sound all too familiar to Final Fantasy vets, things are mixed up by the lead hero not being a whiny brat - he's actually a celebrated warrior whose internal conflict between loyalty to his king and doing what's right drives the narrative with more originality than most all Final Fantasy games."

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