XBF: Unreal Tournament 3 Review

XBF writes: "Alas! The long awaited Xbox 360 port of Unreal Tournament 3 has finally arrived. Yes it is long overdue but one may ask. "Is it worth my hard-earned 60$??" In this review I will try to answer those questions and more to the best of my ability. Unreal Tournament 3 is just the latest in the Unreal series games developed by the guys over at Epic Studios. You of course know them as the guys who brought us Gears of War and soon to be Gears of War 2. Unreal Tournament 3 is a first-person, fast action paced game set sometime in the not-so-distant future."

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vgn243719d ago

7?!? SEVEN?!? Come on. This was obviously written by someone who can't handle fast paced shooters. Grab your walkers, and stick with Halo. UT3 is fast-paced awesome!

Drekken3719d ago

Im sure it was docked for not have an open platform for user created mods? This game WITH the mods is not over an 8 though. Gets boring fast.

yanikins1113719d ago

if its anything like the ps3 version it aint even worth that. seriously, how old is the unreal IP? i honestly think its done all it can and is gettin old real quick. Epic need a new IP to claim as their own and i dont see gears being a 10/15 year franchise.