Expect to Get Real Cozy With Dead Rising Remaster’s Loading Screen Thanks to This Huge Bug

The Dead Rising Triple Pack has just released and already it's plagued with a game breaking bug on the PS4. Here are the details and what you should do.

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2pacalypsenow762d ago

Not really huge, hasn't happened to me.

TheBeguiler760d ago

It doesn't seem to be affecting every PS4 copy, but enough of them to make it a problem. ironically both of the staff members who bought for PS4 had broken copies. I just asked for the refund and bought the Bioshock Collection instead lol.

LordMaim762d ago

Played a lot of DR2 yesterday and didn't have this issue. The game ran perfectly fine the whole time.
Mind you TIR is still a pain in the ass, but game ran amazingly.

TheBeguiler762d ago

Yeah I've been hearing its on and off, but its still a major problem. Both of our staff members, myself too, got bugged copies and still couldn't play. Capcom is apparently addressing the issue and trying to figure it out. I just wish it was the first DR that was bugged cause I love the sequel a lot more lol

Ikenda762d ago

If the people how are bugged don't have a problem playing offline just turn internet connection off and the both DR2 and OTR play nicely. The bug is related to being online somehow. I remember Shadow Warrior had the same problem and the never fixed that. But they need to fix this ofcourse because of the online coop.

Redx165762d ago

I only bought the original Dead Rising. Its a classic but without Case West I see no reason to buy Dead Rising 2. That isn't a proper remaster if you forget to leave out content....

Teh_Leviathan761d ago

Wow, strange that it's only affecting the "better" console.